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Pet Sitting Business Idea

Think about starting a pet sitting business if you love pets and consider spending all day with animals your dream job.

This may be the best way to have fun and make money at the same time.

A pet sitting business is one of the easiest ways to achieve your goals because there’s no special training involved, and all you need is an investment of time to play with and tend to the creatures under your care.

A home based business – pet sitting, offers you the ultimate in flexibility. So how do you get started?

The first thing you have to decide before you become a pet sitter is how you plan to set up the business – will you check up on the animals in the clients’ homes or pet sit at your own house? If you’re going to travel from house to house, getting started is quite straightforward.

Basically, you need a car or access to reliable transportation and money set aside for gas and travel expenditures.

For in-home pet sitting, the process is a little more involved. Secure your backyard, purchase toys, and invest in a good vacuum. Also, it’s a good idea to purchase some accounting software to keep track of your income.

When starting a pet sitting business, always make sure to keep accurate accounting records!

Starting A Pet Sitting Business – Pricing

Coming up with a reasonable pricing structure will take a little research on your part, but it’s worth it to arrive at a fee you’re comfortable charging. Contact the National Pet Sitters Registry and find out what the local competition is charging. You can also find out more about how to start a business.

When you compare prices, don’t forget to look into the type of services provided by the competitors. A more expensive package may come with extra benefits, so you have to examine pricing carefully to get an adequate understanding of how much to charge.

How to advertise

For a small pet sitting business the best way to advertise is by posting flyers in your local community in prime locations, such as veterinarian offices, pet stores, and in other pet-related establishments. Stick a flyer on a grocery store bulletin board. Leave business cards behind in addition to the posters and ask people to pass them around.

Advertise in the local newspaper and online, through free sites such as Craigslist. Ask for referrals whenever possible.


Research the local, county, and state government policies on zoning to ensure you don’t break any laws by having multiple animals in your home at one time. Look into purchasing a pet sitting insurance policy to protect you and your business against liability. Good coverage will protect your family, home, clients, and pets.

Register with the National Pet Sitting Registry to maintain a professional image when starting a pet sitting business.

Doing the job

Before making an agreement, meet the clients and their dogs prior to starting the service. Ask questions about the pet’s temperament and takes notes so you can keep the information on file. Make sure to document and follow special care requirements such as medications and allergies.

Always remember to have fun and care for the pets as if they were you own! When you become a pet sitter it’s a great way to earn an income spending time with animals and helping pet owners in your community.

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