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Pet Crematory Business Idea

A pet crematory business works much the same as one for human remains. By learning how to start a pet crematory, you’ll become a part of the growing pet services industry while helping pet owners deal with the traumatic loss of a beloved pet.

A pet crematory will meet with those who have recently lost a pet and will receive the body. The remains are stored in a temperature controlled area until they are cremated. After cremation, the pet owner has the option of receiving the ashes in an approved container or allowing you to properly dispose of them.

To learn how to start a pet crematory, decide on a location. You should check with the local zoning board to find areas where a crematorium would be allowed to operate.

An industrial park or warehouse district may be a good choice. You should have a reception area for pet owners who contract your services directly, as well as a drop-off area for veterinarian hospitals to make deliveries.

In addition to the cremation furnace itself, you’ll also need a large refrigerated area to store remains prior to cremation and a storage area for the ashes. A set of business forms should be kept on hand including contracts and certificates of cremation.

How To Start A Pet Crematory – Getting Started

While a pet crematory will not be regulated to the same extent as one for humans, you should check with your local and state licensing agencies to find out if there are requirements in your area. Most states will require you to obtain a license to cremate.

The crematorium equipment is potentially dangerous. Even if your state does not require licensing and certification, a training course and safety equipment would be a smart idea.

Because you will need to implement a detailed record keeping system while learning how to start a pet crematory, good business management and organizational skills will also prove beneficial to the success of your new business.

To operate a successful pet crematory, you’ll need to examine the needs of your customer base. Veterinarian hospitals will provide the bulk of your business. Every time a pet dies in the hospital, the client has the option of retrieving the remains or paying for cremation services.

In over half of the cases, the pet owner will choose cremation if they can afford it. To become the preferred provider of cremation services for veterinarians, keep your prices low and your service dependable.

Pet owners that bring their deceased animal directly to your facility will make up your second type of customer. Most of these animals will have died at home, and their owners would like to be able to hold onto their ashes instead of burying them.

Be prepared to treat these bereaved pet owners with as much sensitivity as if they had lost a human family member. Cost may not be their primary concern. The right personal touch may mean that they will use your services again in the future and recommend you to their friends and family.

Finding Customers And Expanding Your Business

After learning how to start a pet crematory, you’ll need to find customers. Visit the area veterinarian hospitals to discuss your rates and how your service is better than your competitors. To find individual pet owners, create your own website, and make sure you’re listed on popular pet services websites.

Leave pamphlets and business cards at pet stores, grooming salons, and other pet-friendly businesses. Begin to network with other business in the pet services area so that they will recommend your business. A few tasteful ads in local newspapers may also help find customers.

Once your new pet crematory is successful, you may want to expand by opening another facility in a different location or adding a pet cemetery. A variety of urns, keepsake necklaces, and other containers will interest many customers. You may also want to add a service to scatter ashes in a variety of ways that would attract attention.

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