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Pest Control Business Idea

Because infestation is so common a problem, the number of pest control business opportunities open for investigation is virtually endless.

By starting a new business in pest control, an entrepreneur can directly address pest concerns by ridding structures of a host of pests including termites, spiders, wasps, and ants, among others.

By utilizing the latest in insect control technology, the pest control specialist can provide minimally intrusive, effective, safe services to all their customers for a reasonable (but repeatable) fee.

Finding Pest Control Business Opportunities

First and foremost, any pest control service provider must secure adequate liability insurance coverage through a reputable insurance agent. The price of neglecting this coverage far outweighs its small purchase price. Although you have this, continue to always maintain adequate security around all pest control chemicals, especially when children are present.

Those entrepreneurs who are new to the industry may consider investing in a franchise. Franchises come with an established brand-name reputation which helps the business to gain customers quickly. In addition, some franchise corporations provide investors with a great amount of training and education – an opportunity which cannot be gained elsewhere.

Finally, always follow up with all customers. This simple act will show customers that you care about them and their satisfaction. It will also keep you and your business name fresh in their minds which may translate into word-of-mouth referrals.

How To Expand Your Pest Control Business

Aside from services to homeowners and businesses, there are a number of venues through which a pest control business can be expanded.

For example, termites are a concern in home and structures, but they are also a concern in landscaping and for trees. In many cases, home and business owners would prefer to save the infested tree, and you can offer a solution for this. By expanding your services to include termite eradication, your bottom line will expand remarkably.

Business owners may also choose to provide environmentally friendly products for pest control – both as a part of the pest control services and through the products that consumers can buy and use on their own. These products can be sold through retail channels, internet stores, or through your own establishment.

Offer specialized pest control equipment such as narrow applicator wands for hard to reach areas, electronic pest control, a variety of insect control products, scientifically advanced products and other unique services to secure a specified area of the market.

Finally, services for yard pests such as ticks, fleas, wood roaches and other undesirable bugs may also be included in your general pest control services for further profit.

Expected Expenses

The costs involved in establishing a pest control business can vary depending upon how the business will be operated, pest control equipment, the number of employees, the location, the local area market and local regulations.

Potential small business owners may seek the financial advice of other pest control specialists or the Small Business Administration for further advice. It is always important to fully consider the financial viability of all pest control business opportunities before making any serious commitment to them.

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