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Personal Shopper Business Idea

If you love shopping, and but would prefer to spend someone else’s money, find out how to become a personal shopper.

As we get busier and busier, we don’t always have time to run errands, so we turn to trusted service providers to help out.

While personal shoppers have been traditionally the luxury of the rich, as our lifestyles become more hectic, this business has true potential across most income brackets.

A personal shopper can help a busy family or executive save time, money and stress, while making the perfect purchase.

How to Become a Personal Shopper

There are lots of areas to shop for – what is your strength? If you wish you could be a host on “What Not to Wear,” maybe clothes shopping for mothers re-entering the workforce, or newly promoted executives is your strength.

If nesting is your thing, helping home buyers find the right accessories for their new purchase could be the answer for you. Love the beach? Set up a business where you help vacationers get everything ready and delivered for their stay before they arrive.

Once you’ve figured out what you enjoy shopping for most, become the expert. This is a great way to figure out how to become a personal shopper.

Working in retail sales is a great way to be in touch with customers and their shopping habits. If you’re shopping for clothes, be sure to read the fashion magazines to see the trends, visit stores to see how the trends are translated for the consumer, and people watch to see how people actually dress.

If you decide to focus on helping people find that unique gift, stay abreast of all of the buzz. Surprising as it may sound, People Magazine is often a great source for finding out what trendy little knick-knack all of the celebrities are coveting.

Read the business section of your newspaper, so you know when new stores open in your town. Visit boutiques and get to know the owners. Once you establish a relationship with them, they may let you know in advance if something extra special is coming.

Starting Your Business

Once you’ve developed your niche, you’ll be able to target your market. Moms groups, preschools, and mother’s morning out programs and community colleges may be rich with mothers planning to re-enter the workforce.

Likewise, check the announcements in the business section of executives who have been newly hired or promoted. Send them an introductory letter that details the services you can offer.

Contact any business professionals, education professionals or busy people you know and let them know how you can help. Keep in mind that your service has to be valuable enough for them to pay for, so it needs to be tailored to their needs.

For example, you may find that providing errand services could lead to more opportunities.

In addition to contacting individuals who may need your services, companies may use you as well. Hotels may need concierge services, but may not have the budget or manpower to hire a full time employee. You might be hired to help out during special times such as conventions.

You may also contact retail store managers about becoming a mystery shopper. You can provide valuable feedback to the store about their services based on your experience.

Taking your love of shopping and turning it into a business is a great way to play at work. Find out how to become a personal shopper today!

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