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Personal Biographer Business Idea

Everyone’s life is a story, and there are many people out there who are willing to pay a personal biographer to tell theirs.

These professionals record the events and memoirs of an individual’s life, and then put these findings into a literary work – preserving history for another generation to enjoy.

Biographers are in high demand, as many people want their stories told but don’t possess the skills to do so in a professional and articulate manner.

Personal Requirements

Although extensive schooling is not required to become a writer, you must have a firm grasp of words, grammar and sentence structure if you expect someone to pay for your writing services. An aspiring biographer will possess a love of writing, paired with a passion for history.

They also must be an excellent listener and have the ability to recognize a reader’s interest. They must also develop the skills required to conduct a productive interview.

Getting Started

Familiarizing yourself with other biographies is a good start. You may also want to purchase or borrow from your local library a book on this style of writing. Advertising your services on a freelance writing website is another excellent way to attract potential clients, as it will allow you to familiarize yourself with contract writing and fees before getting more seriously involved.

Keys To Success

To turn your biography business into a success, you must treat it as a business – you will have to invest time and money just as you would with any other business. Research and advertising are two important steps for getting your business off the ground.

It is always a good idea to have a portfolio of your work on hand to present to clients. When meeting or interacting with your customers, always be attentive and patient, as they will be entrusting you with their most precious memories. Take the time to earn their respect.

How To Expand Your Personal Biographer Business

In addition to writing biographies for clients, you may also want to consider offering ghost writing services. A ghost writer will usually either draft or edit an autobiography for a client, and then the client will choose whether to acknowledge you for your contributions. Don’t let lack of author credit keep you from considering this option, as ghost writing tends to be a very profitable venture.

Genealogy services can be a great tie-in with biography book services. Since you are already exploring their family histories, a well drafted family tree may be the perfect added touch your client is looking for to complete their biography collection.

Starting a personal biography business can be an exciting endeavor! If you love to write and are genuinely interested in the intimacy of a life’s story, then you will be successful. Treat each and every customer’s memories and life experiences with as much care and respect as you would your own. A referral by a satisfied customer can be the best advertisement out there.

By giving your clients’ stories a unique flavor which still adheres to their wishes, you will build a reputation as a much sought-after personal biographer.

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