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Party Tent Rentals Business Idea

Starting a party tent rentals business is an easy way to make $1,000 to $5,000 on every rental deal you close.

Party tents are in incredibly high demand for outdoor events such as wedding receptions, auctions, and exclusive garden dinners.

For everyone who is planning an outdoor party, they are going to need a tent provider, so you can easily fill this gap with your full-service offerings.

With a bit of planning, some capital, and a modicum of assistance, you can be up and running in no time.

What You’ll Need To Get Started

At the most basic level, you will need a tent, so will also need some startup capital. It’s okay to start with a small to mid-sized tent, though you’ll need to expand this with time. You should also carefully consider what type and style of tent to purchase. Will most of your clients want a canopy tent, for example, or something more substantial?

In addition, you’re going to need some help. While you will be the go-to man for clients, it’s going to be essential that you have some additional personnel to do the work for you. Finding willing hands is easy provided you are able to compensate them sufficiently.

Since the labor of putting up tents does not require any training or experience, you can put out a few ads and have some help in no time. To help with installation and removal, hire quality employees with a keen appreciation for customer service and quality.

This type of business is ideal for a family who can put the willing hands of children to work in setting up smaller tents. For large jobs involving tents that can seat thousands of people, you’ll need a whole team of strong adults, however.

Expanding Your Party Tent Rentals Business

What goes with party tents? Tables, chairs, table linens and a variety of other things. Not only can you be a party tent rental service, you can also provide party supplies, linen rental, chair rental, table rental, air jumpers, bar supplies and outdoor lighting.

Whether you want to emphasize the party or the tent aspect of your business, there are many additional services such as catering, bartending, and music entertainment you should look into as ways of generating extra revenue streams.

A lot of your success will also depend on your networking abilities. Business is made through referrals, so network with other rental services in town. Visit lawn and garden shows, attend wedding shows, and get to know other party service providers who will be able to help you in the long-term.

With a drive for success, you can have a successful party tent rentals business as soon as you want one.

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