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Party Planning Business Idea

If you find there’s a reason to celebrate every day, why not consider starting a party planning business?

People love to gather for fellowship and fun. They want to commemorate important events. A party provides that opportunity, and gives memories of good times.

Becoming a party planner brings a celebration from a mere idea into life. She works with the client to develop the structure of the party. She’ll ask numerous questions to understand the purpose of the party and what the client envisions the party to be.

Then, the party planner gets to work. While the client may handle the major decision-making, the party planner may be involved in every detail of the execution.

She may send invitations, hire caterers and DJs, fill goody bags, or plan party games.

What’s needed in starting a party planning business?

To be a successful party planner, you must have excellent people skills. You’ll be working with clients who are anxious about hosting the perfect party, as well as with vendors that you’ll rely on to help you pull this off.

Let’s face it; things won’t always go smoothly, but your ability to stay calm and pull everyone together will be essential.

In addition, you need to be creative. A person who hires you to plan a party needs to know that you can do the job better than they can. Your ability to think of innovative ideas and to quickly understand a client’s ideas will be useful.

You’ll also need to be extremely organized. You’ll be working with a variety of people, with a variety of deadlines, and it all comes down to everything being ready the moment the party starts.

One thing to remember is that parties usually take place during the weekend or evening, and you’ll usually need to be available to attend the party to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Tools you’ll need include reliable transportation for checking out venues, a portable calendar or date book, a computer with a spreadsheet program, and a cell phone.

How do I go about starting a party planning business?

Although there are certification programs available, many party planners find experience is the best teacher. You might see if there is a seasoned party planner in your area (or in the next town over) who wouldn’t mind letting you “intern” while they plan a party.

Throw a party for a friend, or plan your child’s birthday party. Volunteer to plan the next neighborhood party, and give it a special and memorable theme.

Because there are so many types of parties, it may be helpful to develop a niche when starting a party planning business. You may be the ultimate surprise birthday planner, or children’s party planner. You may become the reunion party planner, and work with the various high schools and colleges.

You may even want to expand your operations and learn how to start an event planning business.

Be a tourist in your own town—get to know the cool and unusual places that would be great sites for events. Visit restaurants and party halls. Talk with DJs, bands, caterers and photographers.

Advertise—depending on the type of party you want to throw, you may want to leave your card and brochure at party supply stores, card stores, and baby stores. In addition, advertising in the yellow pages and local newspapers will help get the word out, similar to becoming an event planner.

A genuine love of parties and your creative approach will make your party planning business a hit.

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