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Parking Lot Sweeping Business Idea

Even in tough times, cleaning businesses can thrive – a parking lot sweeping business is a surprisingly often overlooked money-making opportunity.

When you drive around town you will see potential customers everywhere: parking lots, fast food restaurants, shopping centers etc.

Your customers are the landlords or management companies of those buildings who want to ensure that their parking areas are clean and inviting for their customers.

In addition to private businesses such as shopping centers, you may also find opportunities for your parking lot sweeping business with municipalities.

Towns and cities have to make sure their streets are clean and maintained, and so often contract with companies to take care of it.

Municipalities, however, may have additional requirements for you to meet in order to do business with them. They may require that you have specific types of sweeping machines or that you have a commercial driver’s license, for example. If you are interested in pursuing a municipal contract, contact your local Government Offices for advice.

Getting Into The Parking Lot Sweeping Business

Your biggest expense in starting your business will be buying the sweeping equipment. You will need a sweeping machine that is either a vacuum sweeper or a mechanical broom. These are and expensive machines which are often transported by truck be sure to do your research carefully.

You will need to set your prices, and should do so either by the size of the parking lot to be cleaner or on an hourly rate. Some industry experts recommend simplifying things by setting your price by an hourly rate.

The parking lots of some industries will require more work than others (i.e. a McDonald’s parking lot is likely to have more trash than a cleaner’s). Some parking lots have unusual configurations, too, and this can make them more difficult to clean.

Some parking lots have shrubbery that causes more debris. A tree-lined parking lot will require more work in autumn from fallen leaves than a plain lot will.

When you go to survey the parking lot to give your estimate, keep these things in mind. Also consider that you may be cleaning the lots one to three times per week. The amount of time spent for each cleaning should be reflected in your estimate.

Marketing Your Business

Make a list of parking lots within a 5-10 mile radius (depending on the density of your city). Find out the details of the managing companies (landlords) for each of them, and then either send them a brochure followed up by a phone call to pitch your services. Offer a special introductory price and a satisfaction guarantee, and widen your radius as needed.

If you do your job well, no one will notice, but this is a good thing. By maintaining a neat parking lot, your customers can pay attention to their own businesses without having to call you to come back and pick up trash that was missed.

By conveying dedication and professionalism and then doing a good job, you will sweep ahead of your competition in the parking lot sweeping business in no time.

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