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Parking Lot Striping Business Idea

If you’re looking for a flexible new venture, the parking lot striping business has a lot to offer.

In every parking lot, the stripes provide guidance to customers…

Where they can and cannot park, how close to park to the other cars, what areas to keep clear for loading, where pedestrians can cross, and what areas are reserved for handicapped parking.

The parking lot is the first thing a customer sees when entering a shopping center or restaurant, and a well-laid out, easily maneuverable set up can help enhance the shopper’s overall experience.

How’s Your Math?

While the parking lot striping business involves manual work, it also uses logic and Math. Particularly with new lots, you will have to envision the anticipated traffic flow and establish an ideal arrangement for store owners and customers.

Store owners may want a parking lot that can accommodate the maximum number of customers. However, if the parking spaces are too narrow or the turn lanes too sharp, customers will get frustrated and do their shopping elsewhere.

On the other hand, overly generous parking spaces may please some customers but will mean you are left with a reduced total number of lots. This can anger customers who never seem to be able to park anywhere near to their favorite stores.

Being able to balance and optimize this mathematically, logistically, and aesthetically will keep you at the top of the game.

Equipment Needed By A Parking Lot Striping Business

As a professional, you will need to invest in a striping machine. There are airless striping machines and compressed air striping machines to choose between. Consider the capacity of paint the machine can hold as well.

For striping paint, the surface will determine what type you’ll need. Asphalt may require a different type of paint from concrete, and new asphalt may require a different type of paint from older asphalt, for example.

Look for paint that is environmentally friendly, long lasting, easy to apply, and has good coverage over just a single application.

You will also need additional striping equipment such as blowers to clean off the lots before painting, tape or taping machines to guide your lines, and stencils (i.e. the blue wheelchair stencils for handicapped parking).

Getting Business

You have two groups of parking lots: new ones and older ones. These should both be repainted on a yearly basis.

For new parking lots, visit your town’s Government Offices to find out what new construction is anticipated. New apartments, grocery stores, shopping centers, schools, and even airports will need to have their parking lots striped.

Contact the managers or developers and offer your services at introductory prices. As you complete jobs, take pictures of the finished work and ask for a testimonial from your client. Check in periodically to make ensure continued satisfaction, and follow up so you can stripe again at the one-year mark.

For older parking lots, contact the landlord or parking lot manager and detail how your business can help him out. Find out if there are any traffic flow problems, and provide suggestions on how you can remedy them. Seek out landlords with multiple developments so that once you’ve taken care of one lot, you’ll have a chance to take on more business.

With planning and hard work, you can start a successful career with a parking lot striping business that engages your mind and body and generally significantly improves your life.

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