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Painting Business Idea

If you’re looking for a low cost business opportunity, starting a painting business might be the right answer for you.

A house painting business is a great locally based venture that requires little equipment yet yields a variety of possibilities.

For starting a painting business, your first equipment will be brushes, rollers, a ladder, drop clothes, tape and measuring tape.

You will also need a truck, or some type of transportation for hauling all of your gear.

Depending on your specific project, you may need additional equipment. To minimize costs, check with your local hardware store to see if items can be rented.

What Type Of Painter Are You?

You may be an interior painter, bringing life and color to living rooms still stuck in the olive tones of the 1970′s. Or you might be an outdoor painter, helping to restore the glamour of a weathered Victorian. Or, you might have a talent for both.

Determining your focus will be essential as you target your marketing and customers. As you plan, think of what kinds of jobs you can do year round, particularly if you mainly paint exteriors.

Focusing Your Business

Here’s the good news: painting interiors and exteriors is a low cost business, requiring minimum cash to get started. Here’s the bad news: it’s easy for your competition to get started too.

So your most important job is to determine what makes your painting business better than all the others out there, and then sell that idea to your prospects.

If you’re an interior painter, do you have a unique way to combine colors in a way others might not think of, and looks absolutely amazing? Have you perfected a certain technique like faux painting? Or maybe you specialize in painting whimsical murals on children’s bedrooms.

If you’re an exterior painter, are you fearless when it comes to painting tall buildings? Are you like a Minuteman—on call and ready for action as soon as needed? Is your reliability and customer service your advantage?

Defining your niche is vital when starting a painting business. You need to differentiate yourself.

Once you’ve decided on your niche, start looking at who can use your services. We talk about the home painting business, but this can really mean the office painting business or the apartment painting business.

Real estate agents, apartment landlords and rental companies experiencing frequent turnover will often want a fresh coat of paint to get their properties ready for new tenants or owners.

Starting A Painting Business – Marketing

Once you’ve spent your money on essential equipment, the next investment is in marketing. Get the word out about your business. If you’re painting an exterior, have a yard sign made up with your business name and number, and (ask first) put it in the front yard so all of the neighbors can see who is doing such great work.

Also, have business cards made up and put in the neighbors’ mailboxes, so they’ll have your information at the ready. Hand out those cards to all of your friends as well.

Take pictures of before-and-after projects to show prospective clients. Make flyers to put up in your community.

Contact local contractors or interior decorators to see if they need painting done.

With a little money, solid painting skills and great marketing, starting a painting business can be a great startup idea.

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