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Outdoor Business Ideas

If you want to start a new career but can’t stand the idea of working inside all day long, look at outdoor business opportunities.

One of the misconceptions about starting a business is that it has to take place in an office.

While there is certainly some office work that needs to be done as part of running any organization, there are many businesses that can make a profit and keep you in the fresh air and sunshine at the same time.

Lawn And Garden Businesses

If you have a green thumb or even just a talent for keeping things neat and tidy, you could start a lawn or garden business. With just minimal lawn equipment (i.e. lawn mower, trimmer, bags and a broom) you can start a lawn mowing business. With low overheads, your profits are only limited by how many lawns you can mow.

In autumn, you can have a lawn raking service, and in winter you can offer snow shoveling. You can extend your business even more by investing in garden supplies and adding landscaping services.

Paint And Repair Work

Even relatively new houses begin to show the effects of weather and time – such as faded or chipped exterior paint and damaged or missing shingles rapidly. If you have basic technical skills, you can start a business that helps homeowners keep their castles looking fresh.

You could start an exterior painting business to paint siding or concentrate on windows, shutters or decks. If you have the experience, you could repair and replace roofing.

With a few handyman skills, you could repair or build decks, add railings, enclose porches or build fences as well.

Cleaning Services

It’s not just the inside of a house that needs to be cleaned. Windows, drive ways and decks need to be washed. With a basic pressure washer, you can build a business based on this service.

Gutters need to be cleaned of leaves and debris so that water can flow freely off of the roof and away from the home. A gutter cleaning business is another low investment opportunity.

Cars need cleaning too. A mobile detailing business lets you go where the cars are – whether at a home or an office – and clean them to a sparkle. This business is of great convenience to the owner, who leaves a dirty car and comes back to see a clean, sweet-smelling one.

Another cleaning business to consider is pool cleaning. Many subdivisions have pools and must prepare them at the beginning of each swimming season. Cleaning them of the winter’s gunk, maintaining them throughout the season, and closing them at the end of the season can be a full time business.

Locating Outdoor Business Opportunities

One downside of an outdoor business is that it is dependent on your location. Snow shoveling, for example, will not be very successful in Florida. Pool cleaning – at least for outdoor pools, may not be very big in Maine.

Your always have to take your environment into consideration when choosing from outdoor business opportunities which otherwise correlate well with your skills and interests.

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