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Online Magazine Business Idea

If you’ve always wanted an outlet for your creativity, you may be interested in how to start an online magazine. This type of business will allow you to take advantage of creating a periodical without the printing and distribution headaches.

You will still need to create articles that will generate interest, layout the pages, sell advertising space, and attract readers. While you will be able to eliminate many of the expenses of a traditional magazine, attracting a customer base for an online magazine can be quite different.

After all, you won’t be able to take advantage of a captive audience of readers who like to browse the magazine racks for eye-catching headlines.

How To Start An Online Magazine – Where To Start

When deciding how to start an online magazine, one of your first decisions should be to choose a subject that you are passionate about. It would also help if you had expert knowledge in the topic.

Decide if you would like to write all of the material yourself or if you would like to hire writers. If your material is interesting, you may be able to find writers that are willing to contribute articles just for a byline. You’ll also need to choose a domain name and find a reliable hosting service.

Unless you have graphic design and web development skills, you should plan on working with professional consultants in those areas.

You won’t need any special training or certification to learn how to start an online magazine. However, experience in the publishing area would be helpful. You should investigate any legal ramifications of an online magazine as well.

Some professional advice in the legal area could prove invaluable, but you should plan on addressing plagiarism issues, slander claims, and false information problems at a minimum. If your online magazine is considered a niche interest, you should join any professional organizations that are related to the subject.

For example, if you start an online gardening magazine, you should join several national gardening groups.

Keys To Success

To become successful when learning how to start an online magazine, be prepared to offer frequent information that is relevant, usable, and interesting. If your readers can depend on being entertained while learning something of personal value, they will be hooked.

To make it even more interesting, interact with your readers. Allow them to leave comments about articles, and require the authors to reply. An even more attractive feature would be to create a forum that will forge a sense of community among your readers.

You may find that your new magazine could develop a community that takes on a life of its own.

Finding Customers And Growing Your Business

Finding customers could be a challenge. Make sure that the professional organizations that you joined make the other members aware of your magazine. Use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to obtain a good page ranking in Google and other search engines so that interested web searchers can find your magazine site.

Join Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to promote your new magazine. Find forums that are dedicated to your main topic and get to know the other members. Create a signature with a link to your magazine’s website and mention it when it fits casually into the conversation. Of course, if you’re charging a subscription fee, offer a special introductory rate or a free month’s access.

Once your online magazine is up and running, you may want to expand. You could always create another online magazine or venture into print publication. If your online community is extremely popular, you may want to sell additional advertising space within the thread pages. Other expansion opportunities could include eBooks, products related to your magazine topic, or training other people to start their own online magazine.

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