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Online Backup Business Idea

Start an online backup business today and help small businesses protect their most valuable asset – their data! Read on to learn more…

The power and importance of computers will continue to grow as technology improves, but unfortunately small and medium businesses have not come close to keeping up with their data storage strategies.

These companies entrust their in-house PC’s with customer lists, accounts receivable, marketing plans, payroll, and other key documents, but most are without a data or disaster recovery plan if something were to happen to their servers.

There are many risks out there that threaten computer data. These risks include hardware failure, bugs and hackers, lost passwords, malicious employees, and accidental erasure. This list should be enough to scare any business owner into researching a backup service.

Online Backup Business - Information Superhighway

When weighing against the time and resources that would be needed to continue operations without their data, fees charged by a quality data recovery service may seem small. The value of computer data is so high these days and with so many online companies offering ridiculously low prices, the question becomes a choice between providers. Why couldn’t this be you?

How To Get Started In An Online Backup Business

There’s actually an online backup service provider whose specialty is helping entrepreneurs start an online backup business. Remote Backup Systems has been in the business since 1987 and is the world’s oldest provider of online backup software.

The startup process is actually quite simple. Remote Backup Systems sells their backup software to you and you, in turn, sell the online backup service to customers. RBackup, Remote Backup Systems pioneer product, is a highly trusted subscription-based online backup software and is widely used around the world.

Sounds Simple – But How Do I Find Customers?

When deciding to start your own online backup business there is a major challenge involved. Where do you find customers? The folks at Remote Backup Systems have done a nice job setting up a program to help you establish a customer base.

They offer a unique referral network that assists you after you have already purchased the software. When an end user visits the Remote Backup Systems website, usually through a highly ranked and highly visible search engine listing, they are directed to a “find a provider” resource.

Once the prospect completes and submits a request form, The Remote Backup Systems website matches the potential customer with a local service provider – this could be you. Again, service providers are Remote Backup Systems customers. Referrals are provided with a highly respected “seal of approval”.

Ongoing Support – Success For The Long Run

In addition to a strong referral program, Remote Backup System provides comprehensive technical support. Their software is capable of being programmed and configured exactly to your specific and individual needs.

With all the “Work from Home” gimmicks out there, deciding to become an entrepreneur may seem daunting. You need to do your careful research. But there are legitimate, profitable online business opportunities out there – an online backup business is absolutely one of them.

Right now the backup industry is growing rapidly – and with computers and the vast amount of data growing exponentially – this trend will absolutely continue to grow! Thousands of students, small and medium businesses, and large corporations sign up every day for backup software, why not from you?

A company like Remote Backup Systems makes it easy for you to get started in your own online backup business. You’ll profit off a wide variety of computer users who need security and storage for their valuable data.

If you’re curious about the software, you can set up a free trial account and see how easy it is to begin a novel and lucrative small business.

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