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Nursery Business Idea

If you enjoy gardening and working with plants, you may want to take that passion to the next level by learning how to start a nursery business. On the surface, you might think that starting a nursery just requires finding a good supply of plants to sell, but the reality is that there are several other important steps.

The first step is to prepare a business plan that details how your business will operate and where the money to start it will originate. A solid business plan is important if you intend to apply for business loans or will appeal to investors for the money you will need to get started. Your business plan should detail both your costs to start your nursery business and the operating costs to keep it going.

You will also need to research the legal requirements associated with learning how to start a nursery business. Business licenses, zoning laws, and importing plant materials from across state lines will all affect your fledgling business. The more you can find out in advance, the better prepared you will be down the road.

How To Start A Nursery Business – Get Started

While no formal training is required to open and operate a plant nursery business, it helps to have some education yourself or to have employees who possess knowledge regarding plants and their uses. People with a degree in horticulture, plant science, or landscape architecture would all be valuable additions to your team.

Selecting a location for your new business is a key factor in planning how to start a nursery business. You will need a location with quite a bit of space, but also a location that is not too difficult nor too far for your customers to get to you. If you can, select a site that will allow you to expand geographically as your business takes off and you want to offer additional plants and nursery products for sale.

When selecting the specific items that you will stock in your new nursery, you have several choices to make. Will you concentrate primarily on plant stock for sale, or do you intend to be a full-service nursery, stocking everything from garden tools and fertilizer to tillers and small tractors?

When it comes to the types of plants you will carry, you need to consider if you will stock full-sized plants or will you put in the lead time and labor necessary to grow your plants from seed or seedlings. While the latter choice is the less expensive path, it takes more time and labor than stocking full-sized plants from the start.

Promoting Your Nursery Business

Be sure to talk to local landscapers and visit existing nurseries to find out what your customers are likely to want. Plant preferences vary by geographical area, and you want to offer the most popular plants to sell to your customers.

If you can, talk to experienced people about how to start a nursery business. Some may not be willing to talk to you since you are a potential competitor, but others will be willing to offer their friendly advice to you.

Once you are ready to open your new plant nursery, take advantage of every opportunity to promote your business. Besides traditional advertising, consider offering promotional pricing to landscape companies and new home developments. Both of these types of customers are in the market for larger quantities of plants than are individual homeowners.

Word-of-mouth advertising is of critical importance in the nursery business, as passionate gardeners are quick to spread the word – good or bad – to their fellow gardeners.

With enthusiasm for nursery products, a great location, and a thorough business plan, you can turn your dream of owning a plant nursery into a reality.

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