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Nanny Business Idea

If you would like to see yourself as a modern Mary Poppins, find out how to become a nanny.

Much more than a babysitter, a nanny really acts like a third parent by helping with all aspects of childcare including teaching, feeding, and disciplining. Nannies can form very close bonds with the families they work with.

Indeed, the most successful relationships with children occur when they and their nannies love each other.

It takes more than a love of children to be a good nanny, however. You need a knowledge of childcare and of child education across various age groups, and you’ll also need a good dose of patience and a good deal of perception.

As a nanny you may be with a family day in and day out. After the initial honeymoon period, you will see all aspects of family life – the good and the bad. You will need to navigate the roles in the household and exercise discretion at all times.

Learning How To Become A Nanny

Most people know from a young age whether or not they enjoy children. Perhaps as an older child you entertained youngsters on your block with innovative games? When you were finally old enough, did you beg parents to go out so you could babysit their children?

If this sounds familiar, you may have the long-standing passion required to work with children. You can build on this passion with education and experience. In high school, take home economics and child care classes. Nutrition and health classes are also helpful. Child development classes which help you understand ages and stages will be important as well.

In order to get experience, look for child care jobs. You can work at a childcare facility or preschool as an assistant to get hands-on experience and to make sure that you still enjoy working with children when you’re doing it day after day.

You might also think about becoming an au pair. An au pair lives with a family for one or two years, most often away from their home country, and provides child care services. An au pair usually has fewer responsibilities than a nanny and has a limited number of working hours.

Many young people, particularly women, use au pair jobs as an opportunity to travel to a different country, learn a new language, or go to school abroad.

An additional way to prepare to be a nanny is to go to a nanny school at an organization which offers training programs over a few months or a few years.

Finding Nanny Jobs

Once you have developed the education and experience to prepare you for nanny employment, it will be time to find a job. If you attended a nanny school, they will likely have a placement program that will help to match you with employers. Other sources for job-hunting will include state employment agencies and nanny websites that can all help to guide you to the family of your dreams.

Consider each opportunity carefully. You may want a live-in job which can save you rent and let you feel like part of a family, or you may prefer to live separately so you can maintain your privacy and control more of your time.

Once you have had success in your first job, the referrals and recommendations will follow, and instead of wondering how to become a nanny, you’ll be living the dream.

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