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Motorcycle Business Idea

Turn your mechanical skills into money and start a motorcycle business.

If you have a passion for custom fabrication and chrome, a motorcycle custom shop should be right up your alley.

In this business, you will create custom order motorcycles according to customer requests. You could also have several standard designs on the showroom floor.

You can work with other home motorcycle builders by selling standard motorcycle parts like frames, forks, fenders, tanks and wheels.

Where To Start A Motorcycle Business

Work in your yard or garage or get a couple buddies as partners and open up a larger retail shop. Word of your work will soon get around if you are good at customizations. If you have a retail location, open a showroom to display your custom creations and make new contacts.

You can offer customizations plus motorcycle repair and accessories like chopper kits.

In addition to your showroom and work space, you will need an office and motorcycle savvy helpers who can not only work with your customers, suppliers and cohorts, but also stay abreast of new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laws.

New laws often tighten regulations for custom motorcycles with regard to emissions and noise levels.

Your stylish creations will bring you business, so you will want to be unique. Develop your own logo, and perhaps sell other motorcycle accessories and clothing in your showroom. You can sell parts and bike accessories and also expand your business with more money makers like leathers.

Expanding The Business

As your business increases, you will want to hire a few employees to increase your output capacity. Watch out for becoming a gathering place; that can be both good and bad for business. You don’t want to cause problems for neighbors or neighboring businesses, and you want to get work done. It’s hard to balance business with pleasure, but the work must always be your top focus.

Other business ideas you can take advantage of are running a motorcycle safety class or offering basic motorcycle instruction. You can run hands-on custom building workshops for those who want to do their own custom creations at home.

You can charge tuition and you can have deluxe packages that include all the necessary components you sell that will enable them to build their own custom chopper, bobber, or rigid motorcycle.

Gaining Legal Approval

Regular business essentials apply when you start a motorcycle business – especially in the need for liability to cover you and your employees against any possible problems that might occur. Dealing with transportation vehicles of any type puts human life at risk, and it is important to always put safety and care at number one on your requirements list.

You can get a lot of fun and satisfaction out of working when you start a motorcycle business. It’s your chance to do things the way you think they should be done.

Remember to follow a solid business plan for success, even if that sounds old fashioned and stuffy. Business plans are maps to get to where you want to be in business. Without one, you can lose your way and enter the failure zone and no one wants that when they start a motorcycle business!

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