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Mobile Grooming Franchise Business Idea

Purchasing a mobile grooming franchise is one way to break into the profitable pet services industry. As more dog and cat owners treat their beloved animals like kings and queens, the market for pet grooming continues to grow.

Mobile businesses are especially popular because of the convenience factor.

Since convenience comes with a premium, the rate you charge for your services will often be higher than that of a brick-and-mortar grooming parlor.

The other advantage of a mobile grooming business is that it gets you out of the traditional office – some people thoroughly enjoy the fact they aren’t tethered to an office desk. There’s always office work to do, but it’s nice to be able to work in the outdoors!

This article reviews two leading mobile pet grooming franchises:

Hydro Groom Mobile Pet Wash

This franchise has been offering pet care services to the public since 1998 – the brand name is recognized and respected across the country. Busy families, the elderly, and owners of dogs that dislike travel are the type of customers you can expect to take advantage of a mobile pet grooming service.

There are three vans available from Hydro Groom Mobile Pet Wash – each one comes with the company’s trademarked Hydrobath therapeutic bathtub. This is a bonus you can easily market to potential customers. Also, you have a choice between basic dog grooming vans and deluxe grooming vans.

This mobile grooming franchise is perfect if you love animals and don’t mind traveling through your town every day to provide grooming services. If you have enough strength and stamina to handle a wide variety of dogs with different personalities, this is a business you will enjoy.

The company doesn’t require any specific qualifications to sign up and they provide one week of training so you can learn how to use the machines quickly and efficiently. The startup costs are inexpensive and once you purchase the franchise, you’re given exclusive access to a specific region.

Hydro Groom outfits franchisees with grooming supplies, such as shampoo and other care products, for the first three months with ongoing discounts available.

Aussie Pet Mobile Grooming Franchise

Aussie Pet Mobile is another mobile grooming franchise opportunity to get into the pet services industry for a reasonable amount of money. This company is known for providing a range of washing and grooming services to its customers. You can start your own business with a brand name people already trust.

This franchise provides affordable grooming services using environmentally friendly products – a definite plus for people concerned about their pet’s health and the environment we live in. The company runs with precision and professionalism, and each van comes with a heated hydro bath and a 15-step grooming process that makes the experience for every dog a good one.

Although Aussie Pet Mobile began in Australia in 1996, it has been franchised in the United States since 2001.


Each mobile grooming franchise offers something of value – investigate each one on your own before you make a final decision. There are many opportunities within the pet services industry to make your mark and generate a decent income.

Although dog and cat grooming is becoming more popular in general, the mobile grooming concept is still a niche market you can tap into before it hits the mainstream. The trend toward mobile pet services is continuing in a positive direction, so it makes sense to get involved at the present time.

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