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Mobile Car Detailing Business Idea

For a low cost, low technology business, consider mobile car detailing. People love their cars. They name them Betsie, Freddie and Babe. They rely on them.

But owners don’t always have time to clean them or take them to the car wash.

Mobile car detailing solves the problem because the cleaner comes to the car.

Your mobile car detailing and wash business can be a single person or a multi-person operation.

You would arrange to come to your customers’ car location bringing your mobile detailing equipment in a professional looking, clean van.

After picking up the car keys, you would thoroughly wash and wax the car exterior and clean and vacuum the interior. Return the keys, get paid and drive away.

What Mobile Detailing Equipment Is Needed

The basic equipment includes sponges, brushes, clothes, buckets, vacuum and cleaners and wax. You’ll need to be familiar with car detailing products so you don’t use anything that may cause damage to the car’s finish.

You will also need access to an electrical outlet and water spigot. As your business grows, you may consider buying a portable generator and a large capacity water tank.

Who Will Want Your Services?

With more than 130 million vehicles registered in the U.S., there are plenty of dirty cars. The challenge for you as a business owner is to make the most of your time by detailing as many cars in as few stops as possible.

Consider contacting limousine companies, who need to keep their cars immaculate. Set up a regular contract to clean their cars and be available for emergency service.

Car dealerships could also use your service. While larger dealerships may have their own detail division, smaller dealerships may not. Used car dealerships and rental car agencies are other possibilities.

Individual professionals are also good targets. Their image may call for a pristine car, but they may not have time to clean it. Law firms, medical practices and corporate headquarters may be the source of potential customers.

Neighborhoods may also garner customers, particularly those with higher end homes or corporate apartments.

Marketing Your Mobile Car Detailing Business

Projecting a professional image is important for a car detail business. You’re asking people to give you the keys to their cars, and trust you’ll take care of them. How you look and behave can inspire confidence.

Consider wearing a uniform (polo shirt and khakis for example) even if you’re going to get wet. Starting off clean and neat is important.

Treating your customers well is always important, but even more so when you are promoting a service. Always listen to your customers about their concerns and wishes about their vehicles. Their word of mouth recommendations are one of your most valuable forms of marketing.

Make sure people know who you are. Get a magnetized sign with your business name, number and website to put on your van so when potential customers see you in the parking lot detailing a car, they’ll know how to reach you.

With the right equipment and marketing, you can plan your mobile car detailing business venture in detail.

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