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Midwife Business Idea

If you would love to be involved in the most important time in a mother and child’s life, find out how to become a midwife.

For centuries, women have helped other women through childbirth. This is reflected in the word itself: it means with woman – a female who helps a pregnant woman through the natural process of childbirth.

A midwife can provide education, care, and support during the pregnancy, birth, and post pregnancy. For uncomplicated deliveries, a midwife can provide the same medical attention a physician would.

How To Become A Midwife

There are generally two ways of becoming a midwife – through a direct-entry program or through a nursing program.

The direct-entry program allows people without a nursing degree to become midwives. They typically attend accredited midwifery schools (see and receive on-the-job training before they can become licensed. They can also take additional tests to become certified.

Not all states accept midwives who have come through the direct-entry program. In fact, less than half of them do, so check your state’s regulations before proceeding. The Midwives’ Alliance of North America ( has a chart that details state requirements for direct-entry midwives.

The second way to become a midwife is through an accredited nursing program. Through a University or college, students study to become a nurse, and as part of that program study midwifery. Upon graduation, they pass a national certification exam in order to receive the designation of certified nurse-midwife.

There’s another, newer option available in a few states for people with a medical background who want to become midwives. Physicians’ assistants or physical therapists, for example, can enroll in midwifery programs accredited by the American College of Nurse-Midwives (

Upon graduating from the program, they take the same national certification exam as they would as graduates of a nursing program, but receive the designation of Certified Midwife (CM).

Where Are The Midwifery Jobs?

According to the American College of Nurse-Midwives, midwife jobs are available in a variety of settings.

Nearly a quarter of midwives work at hospitals, be they military, public, private or University ones. As more hospitals re-design themselves to create a relaxed and home-like birthing experience, midwives can provide home-style care whilst still having the support of a medical team.

Midwives also work in HMOs, birthing centers, private practices, and clinics. They may work independently in rural areas, helping with home births.

If you’re interested but are not sure if midwifery is for you, consider becoming a doula. A doula provides emotional and physical support for women during labor and childbirth, but does not provide medical care. Doula preparation is less stringent than midwifery. DONA International ( is a doula association offering education and certification.

Do you have a passion for improving maternity and childcare? Learning how to become a midwife may be the first step to your perfect career.

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