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Medical Uniform Store Business Idea

Combine your love of comfortable fashion with your retail knowledge by learning how to start a medical uniform store.

Although everyone loves the look and feel of those soft surgical scrubs, you’ll be selling much more than these items. Have you ever noticed the wide variety of clothing that nurses and doctors wear when you go in for an appointment?

While doctors tend to stick with the white coats, you might see any pattern from floral to cartoon characters on the nurse’s apparel. In addition to clothing items, your customers will also be interested in supportive shoes and hosiery items.

How To Start A Medical Uniform Store – Where To Start

When deciding how to start a medical uniform store, find a location that is close to several hospitals and doctor’s offices if possible. Most medical professionals spend the majority of their time at work and don’t have a lot of time to go out of their way to shop for any type of clothing.

Within your store, you’ll need room to stock your excess inventory in the back, as well as display racks and shelving in the front. Include a cash register in addition to computer equipment and software to track sales and expenses. Try to find several reliable sources for medical clothing and footwear products including factories and wholesalers.

Although you won’t need any special training or certification to learn how to start a medical uniform store, experience managing a retail establishment will certainly make the process go smoother.

Retail stores generally have a low profit margin. It will be very important that you control your expenses and any waste to operate a profitable shop. If you don’t already possess first hand knowledge about the pros and cons of various medical uniform items, you should visit other shops and online sites in addition to asking various types of medical professionals for their preferences.

Keys To Success

To operate a successful medical uniform store, you should try to offer the best selection at the lowest prices. To compete with online stores and catalog sales, always offer friendly service and expert advice.

Convenience may mean the difference between gaining and losing a customer. Offer the local medical community the option of on-site sales. You could either carry a selection of items along with you on your sales call or allow your customers to pre-order items for delivery. Make sure to include an easy-to-follow return policy.

After you have learned how to start a medical uniform store, it will be time to think about attracting customers. In addition to creating your own website, print flyers with discount offers to drop off at local hospitals and medical centers.

Don’t forget that many nurses work outside of traditional offices and offer home health care. Leave your information with agencies that coordinate this type of medical service, too.

Although most medical professionals must purchase their own uniforms, some providers purchase clothing items for their entire staff. If you can gain access to the owner or purchasing agent who is in charge of buying decisions, it could result in a large, ongoing contract for medical uniforms.

Don’t forget that some consumers outside of the medical profession also enjoy the comfort of medical apparel. While it might not make financial sense to spend money to specifically target this market through advertisements, prominent signage should be enough to draw their attention.

Expanding Your Medical Uniform Business

Down the road, you may begin to think about expanding. Although you can always open new stores in other areas, you may have learned enough about what your customers like and dislike that you could begin to design and manufacture your own line of medical uniforms.

If you’d like to stick with the retail theme, you could always begin selling a full line of medical equipment or sell uniforms for other industries.

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