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Mattress Cleaning Business Idea

If you are considering opening a cleaning company, think about starting a mattress cleaning business.

Mattresses. Just about everyone has one. From infants in cribs to senior citizens.

And we spend at least a third of every day on them. Over (surprisingly little) time, these mattresses begin to get dirty.

They get dirty from oils and skin that come from our bodies and also from pet dander.

They also get dirty from little bugs called dust mites that like to call our mattresses home.

Many people who sleep on these mattresses develop allergies from the dirt and mites. Cleaning mattresses every six months can help alleviate these problems.

For a home business idea that has ample prospective customers (everyone who uses a mattress) addresses a health concern (allergies, dust mites) and can be done on a flexible schedule, the mattress cleaning business may be a great opportunity for you.

How to Clean a Mattress

For too many people, cleaning a mattress means just changing the sheets. While changing sheets is encouraged, more is needed in order to rid the mattress of the dirt that lies beneath. Mattresses should be thoroughly vacuumed and sanitized with appropriate chemicals.

Cleaning Equipment

The most important piece of equipment is a power vacuum. While a homeowner may use a handheld vacuum, as a business, you will need a more powerful type of suction. You can buy or rent this equipment.

Check out the competition with an online search. You’ll find that some companies use germicidal lamps to kill bacteria, or air purification units to trap dust and dust mites that escape into the air. As your business develops, you can add on more tools.

Cleaning Supplies

After you have thoroughly vacuumed the mattress, you will need to sanitize by cleaning the top and sides of the mattress, without saturating it. You can find both regular strength cleaners and those that are more environmentally friendly. A dust mite neutralizer can be used to discourage dust mite growth until the next cleaning.

A mattress cleaning business can be added to other small business ideas, such as a house cleaning, window cleaning or carpet cleaning business. By offering your customers a variety of services, you have more opportunities to win their business.

Marketing Ideas For Your Mattress Cleaning Business

Who may be particularly interested in having their mattresses cleaned? Allergy sufferers, certainly. They may want their mattresses cleaned on a regular basis.

People with small children may want your services in order to help prevent the allergens from building up in the first place. Use flyers or ads in local newspapers telling prospective customers how your cleaning service can help them.

Renters and college students may want to make sure their mattresses are cleaned after the prior owner. Contact management companies of larger apartment complexes and advertise on college campuses.

Small hotels, bed and breakfasts and inns can use your services on a regular basis as well.

By targeting the right market and cleaning mattresses thoroughly, you can help rid a home of allergens, one dust mite at a time.

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