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Math Tutor Business Idea

If you love explaining the difference between the mode, median and mean, find out how to tutor math as a business to help students (and adults) improve their math skills.

Students in the U.S. are struggling with elementary math skills. A presidential panel recently reported that students need a better foundation in addition, multiplication, fractions and geometry.

The panel also said students need to do better in algebra, which is linked to higher graduation rates and college enrollment.

Since teachers can’t always work with students individually, students who are struggling need additional help. Parents are desperate and the kids are frustrated.

So if you have strong math skills, enjoy working with young people and want to make money, the time is perfect to learn how to tutor math and start a math tutoring business.

Who Can Tutor?

You don’t need to have a Ph.D. in quantitative analysis in order to be a tutor, but you should be well versed in the type of math you want to teach.

Tutoring is a great business for a stay at home parent or a retiree who is looking for a flexible schedule.

Math tutoring is also a great teenage business. High schoolers have studied the material themselves recently, so it’s fresher. They may also relate more to the students by being closer to their age.

How To Tutor Math

The first decision to make is what age or math skills you are comfortable tutoring. Do you have the patience to teach a 3rd grader about fractions, or would you prefer to provide algebra help to a 7th grader?

Next, brush up on your own math skills. While numbers don’t change, the method of teaching does, and you should know how it’s being taught in the schools. Contact the local elementary or middle school and get the names of the textbooks used. See if you can borrow or buy a copy.

Where will you tutor? Some people tutor in their homes, or their students’ homes. Others go to a neutral location, such as a coffee shop or library. In any case, the location needs to be free of distractions, but where you can talk to each other.

You’ll need a table with room to spread out your materials. It should be convenient for your student to get there.

When will you tutor? Many students are available evenings and weekends, and vacations. Students in year-round schools are available during the day when they are tracked out. You could provide homework help sessions in the evening, and more thorough course reviews on weekends or breaks.

Advertising Your Business

Tutoring is a local type of business, so start by letting parents in your neighborhood know that you can tutor. Put up a sign in the library, and call local schools to see if they can refer students to you.

You can also put an ad on for your area. Once you have clients, give them your business card to pass on to their classmates.

Learn how to tutor math, share your enthusiasm of numbers and your clients will multiply.

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