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Maternity Store Business Idea

If your town is having its own baby boom, you might be interested in learning how to start a maternity store. In addition to offering fashions for the soon-to-be-mom, your store should offer pregnancy books, early childhood development information, and other products that new mommies will be interested in.

Remember that the typical pregnant woman will need at least two sets of maternity clothes as their baby bump goes from tiny to full-term.

By providing attractive clothing items, expert advice, and other interesting items, customers will return to your store as their baby develops and they outgrow their earlier purchases.

How To Start A Maternity Store – Getting Started

As you decide how to start a maternity store, research your area for the neighborhoods with the highest birth rates. While you should stay within a normal shopping district area, you will want a location that’s convenient to these neighborhoods that also has plenty of parking.

Make sure that the pregnant women will not have to walk for long distances. While they may be glad to get extra exercise during nice weather, a long walk in conditions that are either too hot or too cold may keep them from visiting your store. Your new storefront should have plenty of room for wide aisles between display racks and spacious dressing rooms.

Although you will not need any special training when you learn how to start a maternity store, it will be critical that you understand the needs of pregnant women and that you have experience managing a retail store.

Your profit margin will be fairly low in many cases, so you will need to control your expenses including the cost of products and waste. The maternity industry is constantly coming out with new products, and maternity clothing is becoming more fashionable with each season.

To keep track of the current trends, read the latest publications dedicated to pregnancy and motherhood.

Keys To Success

To operate a successful maternity store, keep the needs of your customers in mind at all times. Many pregnant women will bring their small children with them when they shop.

If you provide a play area to keep them busy, mommy will have more time to shop and will be more likely to make a purchase. This convenient service will also keep her coming back, and provide an extra reason to recommend you to her friends.

A consignment area might also be a good way to become successful. Many pregnant women are on tight budgets and don’t want to spend more than they need to on maternity clothing that they will only wear for a few months.

They will not only be interested in purchasing gently-used clothing, but they will also be more likely to splurge on a new designer outfit if they have an opportunity to recover some of the cost later.

Marketing And Growing Your Business

After you have learned how to start a maternity store, advertise your new business to attract customers. In addition to creating your own website, create a Facebook page and join Twitter.

Promote your new store by offering special deals and announcing new arrivals to faithful social network participants. Don’t forget about the power of print advertisement as well.

Include discount coupons and frequent shopper cards in direct mailers and in pamphlets that you can leave at local daycare centers and doctor’s offices. Make sure to mention the great new play area that you’ve included for the kids that tag along with mom.

At some point in time, you will probably think about expanding your operation. You could always open a few new stores or design your own line of maternity clothing.

Another idea would be to open a whole new store that caters to newborn clothing and stylish fashions for young, hip mommies. If your play area is a hit, you could even work as a consultant for other stores who would like to take advantage of your ideas.

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