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Mary Kay Business Idea

Learning how to become a Mary Kay consultant is an ideal opportunity for working women, busy moms, and others who want to start a small business of their own. Low start-up costs, the general ability to set your own hours, and the chance to advance to higher positions make working as a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant an attractive option. Mary Kay, Inc. products include a full line of personal care goods, including skin care, cosmetics, and fragrances for men and women. All of their products are available for sale through independent consultants.

Founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash, Mary Kay, Inc. boasts a sales force of over 1.8 million worldwide. The company began with nine skin care products, but offers over 200 personal care products today. Famous for rewarding high-level sales directors with pink Cadillacs, the company sells high-quality and well-known personal care products. They have a proven business model that helps give independent consultants a solid foundation to get started and succeed.

How to Become a Mary Kay Consultant

Most Mary Kay consultants start part-time, working around family and job obligations. Consider the following as you learn about how to become a Mary Kay consultant:

  • How much time will you be able to devote to your business?
  • Is there space in your home to store products and samples?
  • How much money do you have for start-up costs?
  • How do you feel about selling to friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers?

Mary Kay beauty consultants engage in the following primary activities:

  • Selling products by hosting parties, direct contact, and through catalogs
  • Placing and filling orders
  • Recruiting new sales consultants

There’s much more to this business than just selling. You’ll also be responsible for:

  • Purchasing and distributing catalogs and product samples
  • Planning sales strategies
  • Staying informed about new Mary Kay products
  • Monitoring the financial health of your business
  • Contacting current and past purchasers
  • Coaching new recruits
  • Watching for recruitment possibilities

Getting Started with Mary Kay

Mary Kay thrives because of its sales force. Learning how to become a Mary Kay consultant begins with contacting a Mary Kay beauty consultant. The consultant will answer all of your questions and get you started. If you don’t know a Mary Kay consultant, check out the Sell Mary Kay page on the corporate website.

Prepare an area in your home for your work. Include the following:

  • Storage areas for your products, samples, and catalogs
  • Seating and space for holding parties and conducting product demonstrations

There are two ways to make money as a Mary Kay consultant. One is to sell products. Distributing catalogs to friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers is a great way to let people know about the products you sell. Hosting parties, encouraging attendees to host their own parties, and offering incentives to guests who bring someone with them are other ways to increase sales.

The second way to earn money with Mary Kay is by recruiting new sales consultants. As your recruits sell products and attract their own recruits, you receive a percentage of the down-line sales. Many people become new consultants after attending parties. Promoting Mary Kay as an opportunity to own a business of their own encourages people who purchase product or attend parties to become consultants themselves.

Finding Success in this Business

Learning how to become a Mary Kay consultant is a path you can walk as quickly or as slowly as your time and circumstances allow. Like any business, the more hours you devote to it, the more likely you are to succeed. Consider these keys to success:

  • Learn about your products. Mary Kay provides a wealth of information about each of its products. Customers will ask questions and look to you for answers, tips and advice.
  • Take advantage of Mary Kay’s training tools. The Mary Kay website provides training tools and videos about everything from direct sales to how to conduct product demonstrations. The more confident you are in your product line and abilities, the more sales you will likely make.
  • Be considerate. Enthusiasm about your new business is to be expected. Don’t go overboard, however. Remember that a heavy-handed sales approach turns people off. If you overwhelm your family and co-workers with hard sales pitches, expect them to hide when they see you coming! Be very cautious about selling Mary Kay at work. Many companies have rules against solicitations in the work place. Be considerate and use common sense.
  • Be accessible. Both customers and recruits must be able to reach you. Return calls promptly.

Growing with Mary Kay

The Mary Kay business model includes a ladder that consultants climb to achieve greater success. Learning how to become a Mary Kay consultant is just the first rung on the ladder. Consider the following ways to expand:

  • Add incentives to increase party participation and recruitment
  • Set stretch leadership goals to work toward
  • Increase your hours spent on selling product and finding recruits

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