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Maple Syrup Business Idea

Maple syrup sales in the United States have never been higher. Tapping maple trees for their sap and turning the sap into tantalizing maple syrup is a North American tradition.

Maple sugar can be sold as syrup or used in a variety of other foods, such as maple butter, confections, and as an ingredient in recipes. Starting a maple syrup sales business can be an enjoyable, as well as profitable, way to own your own business.

Maple Syrup Sales Business

Begin by finding a source for your maple syrup. If you own your own maple grove, you can tap and manufacture your own syrup. Maple syrup production is only possible under specific conditions. Cold nights and warm days are required. Few geographical areas meet those requirements.

Nearly all of the maple syrup manufactured is tapped in Canada or the upper midwest and northeast regions of the United States during the months of February through April. If you do not plan to tap your own maple syrup, find reputable suppliers.

A successful maple syrup sales business begins with a plan. A written business plan will outline your strategies for starting your business, financing your business, advertising your business, and making your maple syrup business a profitable enterprise. An extensive, solid business plan will also be helpful as you apply for small business loans.

Bottling and labeling will be important as you build name recognition and repeat customers. Consider have a professionally designed label and logo created. Include the logo on your business cards and all printed material.

Purchase a supply of packing and mailing materials. Since maple syrup is typically in glass bottles, mail orders must be packed to avoid breakage.

Apply for your business license and, as required in many states, your sales tax license before you open for business.

Where To Find Customers

There are several ways to market and sell your own maple syrup line. Selling from your own brick and mortar store is an option. It is a costly one to start, however, so you may choose to stick with selling your syrup in other ways. Mail order and online sales are less costly and allow you to reach a large market.

You could also speak with retail business owners about selling your syrup inside their establishments. Setting up a booth at the local farmer and flea markets is a great way to gain exposure and make sales. Investigate ways to market your maple syrup to make it stand out from other products on the market.

Creative packaging, filling custom orders, adding gift wrap services, and offering discounts for volume sales are all ways to increase profits and engage customers.

Growing Your Business

If you have found a market for your maple syrup, you may begin looking for ways to expand. Adding products to your line is one way to attract more maple syrup sales. Maple butter, breakfast items, spices, and small kitchen appliances are additional items you could offer customers. You may decide it’s time to open a retail outlet. Whatever you decide, research your options and grow wisely.

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