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Makeup Artist Business Idea

If you love cosmetics and the chance to be creative, learn how to become a makeup artist.

Makeup artists can help people look their best for a special day.

Brides and bridal parties often use makeup artists to help bring out everyone’s individual beauty.

Makeup artists can help people create a new look, whether by changing from a natural look to one that is either more sophisticated or more contemporary. They can also help people to look like someone else entirely.

How To Become A Makeup Artist

Have you been playing with makeup for years? Do you love to combine colors and beg your friends to let you try different looks out on them? Do you practice on yourself when your friends say no? If so, you have the passion to pursue this career.

One way to get experience is to attend a makeup artist school. You may be able to find programs locally or through distance learning. These can help you to learn more about properly applying makeup and understanding color selection.

Makeup artist schools and beauty schools also have programs that will teach you about the science of makeup such as the chemical ingredients and their functions, skin care, and facial structure.

In addition to schools, you can also get experience working with makeup lines in department stores. As a store makeup artist, you can learn about particular brands and have the challenge of providing skin care solutions and makeup tips to customers on the go.

Another option is to work with a makeup line that lets you sell independently. Through home shows, parties or work, you can teach others how to apply makeup and sell them the products that give them their best look.

As you get experience, you can begin to market yourself. Begin a portfolio of your work to show to prospective employers, and contact people who can use your services.

Bridal shop managers and wedding planners may recommend you to their clients. Community theater managers can use your skills during plays. Pageants, special events or shows in your area can also use makeup artists – even if just for backup.

If you have any television shows or movies that are filmed in your area, find out whom you need to contact to get involved with that aspect of the work.

Other Skills Needed

Many people come to a makeup artist wanting to look like themselves – only better. Others, however, come for a radically different look. Understanding who is looking for what is the key to the success as a makeup artist. Being able to listen carefully to the customer and show that you understand what they want will lead to satisfied customers and continued referrals.

Makeup artists are in the business of helping people feel good, so a pleasant personality is essential. You also need to have a desire to keep learning: new products, new techniques, and new colors come out frequently, and the ability to stay current is important.

Take your love of creativity and color and, now you know how to become a makeup artist, step forward into the world of cosmetics.

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