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Maintenance Business Idea

Learning how to start a maintenance business may be just what you need to take the step from working for someone else to owning your own business. Maintenance services are in constant demand. Many corporations and real estate properties that previously employed their own maintenance staff now outsource those duties to outside companies.

There are many different types of maintenance businesses. Lawn maintenance, building maintenance, and cleaning services are a few that fall under the maintenance business category. Some companies offer a combination of services, such as lawn and building maintenance. Given the right planning accompanied by hard work, learning how to start a maintenance business can lead you to owning a thriving enterprise.

How to Start a Maintenance Business – Getting Started

If you already have skills and experience in building and construction, lawn maintenance, plumbing, HVAC, electrical or cleaning services, you have a head start by choosing to stay in the same field when you start your own business. If you lack skills or knowledge in particular areas, take classes or training courses to become an expert. You also have the option to hire experts for this work if you choose to have employees for your business.

Depending on the type of maintenance business you pursue, the following equipment may be required:

  • Truck or van
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Tools
  • Ladders
  • Safety equipment, such as safety belts, gloves, goggles, and coveralls

Check with your state, city, and county offices to find out what licenses are necessary in order to legally run your maintenance business. Some states require contractor certification in order to protect both the contractor and the consumer from unscrupulous workers. In addition, inquire about any special licenses you may need. For example, a lawn maintenance expert may require a certification before dispensing pest control chemicals.

Always discuss your business insurance coverage needs with a licensed insurance agent.

Finding Ways To Succeed In Your Maintenance Business

Corporations, hospitals, clinics, schools, and office buildings are all potential customers for you to target. Speak directly with the decision makers to let them know about your services. If they already have a service company, diplomatically ask if they are satisfied and offer your services as a better option. Keep your name in front of those you speak with by sending follow-up direct mail pieces.

Join local business groups, such as the Chamber of Commerce, to meet and network with other business owners. If applicable, join the area builders exchange to get the inside word about available jobs and bid processes.

As you acquire more customers, ask for testimonials to share with potential clients. If appropriate, start a portfolio of your work that showcases before and after pictures.

Try to obtain ongoing contracts with those you work with. An ongoing contract is an assurance of a specific amount of money coming in during the term of the contract. It provides a certain amount of security for the period of time in which the contract is in place. With contracts keep in mind that you also need to fulfill the work stipulated.

Expanding Your Business Operations

The more you learn about how to start a maintenance business, the better prepared for success you will be. As you find more clients and more clients find you, you may reach the point where it is time to develop new business strategies. Expanding should be as carefully planned and considered as your start-up.

Hiring more crews, purchasing more vehicles, and accepting more clients should mean greater cash flow. It also means more intricate logistics, so carefully consider the best ways to grow before adding too much to your business.

If you’re looking to expand the services you offer, below are a few growth ideas:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Pest control
  • Pool cleaning
  • Power washing
  • Furnace maintenance
  • Winter-proofing homes

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