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Magazine Business Idea

If you’re wondering how to start a magazine, there are many decisions to make as you begin your project.

The first one, of course, is your topic. You probably have a subject or passion that you’d like to cover whether it’s exercise or working dads or pets.

If you go to your local bookstore and look in the magazine racks, you’ll see the magazine publishing industry already has a variety of magazines on those same subjects.

Your task is to further define your audience.

Maybe you’ll cover specific issues concerning single working dads who live in the northeast, or maybe you’ll focus on hybrid dogs, for example.

Finding a topic that no one else covers, or covers well, and matching that with a big enough potential audience will be your key to success.

Planning How To Start A Magazine

The next major decision to make is how you’ll publish your magazine. Much of this will depend on the funding you have available. Will you publish weekly or monthly? How will it be circulated? Will it be a free distribution in a local or regional area? Will you have subscribers? Will it be available on newsstands?

How much advertising will you need? The more pages and the wider the distribution you have for your magazine, the more it will cost. Advertising will be necessary to help pay for the magazine.

Who will write and publish it? Will you do this solo, or will you have a staff to help? If you have graphic design experience, you could handle the magazine design and layout and outsource the publishing. Or, if you’re comfortable with desktop publishing, you could produce your own magazine in-house.

Another option to consider instead of a physical product is an online magazine. E-zines, which are electronic newsletters and online magazines, have grown as a marketing and informational tool for businesses. Even most large paper magazines now have a web component.

Begin Magazine Marketing

You’ve decided on a compelling topic that has longevity and relevance. You’ve identified a target market, figured out the publishing details, and are now ready to share your magazine with the world.

Send a complimentary copy to targeted business people in your community. It doesn’t have to be your mayor, but if your magazine is about labradoodles, send the magazine to the veterinarian with the largest practice or to the manager of the biggest pet store.

Write a press release and send it to local newspapers and television stations.

Work with companies, especially local ones, to get them to advertise. Not only will this help you to fund your magazine but you’ll get access to a company that can help you spread the word about what you offer.

Stay current with issues in magazine publishing. The Magazine Publishers of America ( provides news, resources and marketing information about the industry. and other sites and books can provide additional guidance on getting your magazine underway.

If you have a passion, knowledge, and an ability to write, mastering how to start a magazine can prove lucrative if there are others who share an interest in what you write about.

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