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Leaf Raking Business Idea

Learning how to start a leaf raking business can be your first step toward successful entrepreneurship. An ideal part-time and seasonal opportunity, leaf raking is in high demand at specific times of the year.

It can be easily added as a service to an existing business or expanded upon to include year round services. This is a great first-business to help get kids involved in business at an early age.

When first thinking about how to start a leaf raking business, make sure you have enough money to buy the highest quality rakes, shovels, disposal bags, and gloves you can afford.

Your equipment will be used heavily during the fall and high caliber equipment is likely to last longer than the cheaply made stuff. Consider purchasing a leaf blower or vacuum, if you can. A blower or vacuum will save time, allowing you to take on more jobs.

A reliable vehicle to transport your equipment will be required. The truck should have adequate space to safely secure your tools, as well as empty space to store bags of raked leaves.

Investigate ways to dispose of the raked leaves. Check with local lawn and garden businesses to see if they are interested in the leaves for mulch. Many communities have established public composting sites and may accept leaves. Find a way to dispose of the leaves before you start collecting them.

In many cases, you’ll just bag up the leaves and leave them at your customer’s curbside for green waste pickup.

Start the business license application process early so that you have the required permits in time for the fall season.

How To Start A Leaf Raking Business – Keys To Success

The more you learn about how to start a leaf raking business, the more you realize that an early marketing campaign is essential. Schedule as many jobs for fall as you can during the spring and summer months.

Once the leaf raking season begins, make sure you have a way for customers and potential customers to get in touch with you. Use a cellphone or hire an assistant to take phone calls and relay the information.

Your pricing should be competitive in the local market, but enough to ensure a profit. When possible, procure ongoing leaf raking contracts with customers. Prompt, courteous service is valued by customers and will be remembered. Satisfied customers will also be likely to recommend your leaf raking services to friends and neighbors.

Finding Customers For Your Leaf Raking Business

Initially, expect to do a lot of legwork when searching for customers. Fliers should be placed on public bulletin boards. Fliers can be taken door-to-door in neighborhoods where the income is sufficient to pay for leaf raking services.

Contacting local facility administrators is another avenue to pursue when looking for customers.

Once you have established regular customers, offer them a percentage off of their leaf raking bill if they bring new customers to you.

Expanding Your Business

By its nature, leaf raking is a seasonal business. Adding services can turn a leaf raking operation into a year-round enterprise. Services that might be added include:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Snow shoveling
  • Tree maintenance
  • Weed control
  • Hauling and disposal of lawn, garden, and tree waste
  • Swimming pool preparation (either opening or closing)
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Window washing

Hire additional employees as your clientele increases.

As you learn how to start a leaf raking business, establish yourself with a customer base, and expand into related lawn and homecare services, your part-time business can grow into a full-time, profitable endeavor.

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