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Lawncare Business Idea

If you’re considering starting a small business, find out how to start a lawn business.

People want their lawns to look green but they don’t always have time to care for them to make sure they look that way.

For a low cost home based business idea, a lawn mowing business fits the bill.

With minimal equipment (lawn mower, gas can, clippers and leaf blower) you can find work within walking distance.

This is a great idea for teens and college students who want to make money before or after school, and on weekends and vacations.

Expanding Your Business

If you want to offer additional services, you could begin a landscaping business. In addition to mowing, and trimming hedges, you can help the homeowner create a more pleasing outdoor environment.

Depending on your knowledge and skills, you can recommend and plant plants that will bloom with pleasing color throughout the year. You can lay sod or build rock gardens. You can help treat ailing vegetation. You can be a landscape architect and create an entire backyard getaway.

More Than Just How To Start A Lawn Business

While working with yards is one way to earn money, if you are interested in additional outdoor ideas, consider these:

  • Power washing windows and driveways. This is a great springtime service as people begin spiffing up their homes after the winter. Power washing helps remove dirt from windows and salt from driveways.
  • Staining decks. Another springtime home brightener.
  • Leaf raking. While this is a fall time activity, you can get a lot of business within a short period of time. Older neighborhoods or senior citizen communities may have residents who want to keep their lawns tidy, but don’t have the energy to take care of it. Also contact real estate agents who want to make sure homes keep their curb appeal through fall.
  • Gutter cleaning. Also best done after the leaves have finished falling.
  • Snow shoveling. This is obviously a seasonal job, and the amount of work cannot be anticipated too far ahead, however if you have the basic tools, you can make money. For residences, a shovel or snow blower is all you need. Contract with businesses to clear snow from cars in their parking lot.
  • Outdoor house painting. You can focus on windows, shutters and doors, or bigger jobs, such as painting siding.

Growing Your Business

Learning how to start a lawn business is a great but because it’s often a seasonal business, you risk losing customers who may not remember you from one season to another. If you are looking for a year-round business, it makes sense to offer a variety of services that can be done throughout different seasons.

Instead of advertising just for “lawn mowing” offer lawn mowing, leaf raking and snow shoveling, and then promote yourself as the business for “All of Your Outdoor Home Needs.” Or use the slogan: “You Take Care of the Inside, We’ll Take Care of the Outside.”

Start with a small radius for customers and venture out. Put flyers on mailboxes, contact neighborhood associations with specials and contact senior centers to offer your services. Target concentrated areas so you’ll spend more time working, and less traveling from job to job.

For additional inspirational teen lawn business ideas, check out

With some investment of strategy and effort, learning how to start a lawn business can help you reap the rewards of a successful business.

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