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Laundromat Business Idea

Start a coin-operated laundromat business today and provide coin-operated laundry machines, laundry drop-off, and specialty fabric and apparel cleaning services to your customers.

You can hire employees and operate this business part time – or work full time yourself on site.

Start small with just a few machines, and then expand equipment easily as your laundry business grows.

One of the nice facets of this business is that it’s fairly recession-proof and can easily weather economic hiccups.

Keys to a Successful Laundry Service

Since this business is relatively easy to start, you may face tough competition. It’s easy to overcome this challenge by focusing on ways to differentiate your laundromat from the competition.

Stand apart by operating the cleanest, safest laundromat in town, charging slightly less per load than your competitors, offering environmentally friendly laundry facilities, and providing unique laundry services such as on-site pickup, delivery, and wash-dry-fold services.

Know your customers’ needs, too – you may have a variety of different types of customers to work with. What one needs, the other may not bother with. If you know who they are, you can tailor services exactly to them.

Expanding Your Laundromat Business

Are you wanting to expand the business you already own? Consider speaking with competitors that have a coin laundry for sale. Find out why they are selling and where they may have failed. Strengthen your service depending on what they reveal. Maybe a 24-hour service would result in higher revenue?

Work hard to establish contracts with local companies, as these are filled with potential customers. These customers may have dry cleaning needs or drop off and delivery needs, so cultivate your services to make and keep them loyal to your business.

As you gain experience in the industry, expand your operations into other cities or states. Attract customers by adding unique concepts to your laundromat such as a beer and wine bar or internet cafe.

What Laundromat Expenses Should You Expect?

Your initial purchase or leasing of laundry equipment, location and insurance should be at the core of your expenses. Utility expenses are also vital to the actual day-to-day workings of a laundromat business – electricity and water must be available at all times. Taxes and city, state, and federal licenses and fees must be paid in a timely manner, too.

Letting customers know your specials, your location, and your services keeps your business healthy. Advertising expenses can come in a variety of formats. You can pay for contract labor to insert your business flyers door to door, or you can choose to advertise in a local newspaper or become the local little league’s sponsor and get your name printed on their uniforms, for example.

Other expenses associated with a laundromat business might include office rent, office supplies, salaries, contract labor, professional fees, non-equipment rental, travel, and vending.

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