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Laser Engraving Business Idea

Laser engraving and cutting is the process of using a specialized laser system to engrave, cut and mark a variety of materials. The applications of laser engraving are virtually limitless which makes a laser engraving business especially attractive.

If you’ve never seen the process of laser engraving, it’s actually a lot like using the printer you have at home or work. But instead of using ink, laser engraving equipment burns a small dot on the material you’re using. The really cool thing about the process is that for the most part, you can use the same graphics programs on your computer to render the images and designs used by the laser engraving machine.

In your laser engraving business you will also likely offer laser cutting services as well. Much like engraving, laser cutting burns designs through your material producing the final output.

Ideas For Your Laser Engraving Business

As mentioned earlier, the products and services you can sell in your laser engraving business are limited only by your imagination and customer demand. Here are some of the more common laser engraving ideas:

  • Laser Engraved Photographs
  • Laser Cut and Engraved Musical Instruments
  • Trophies and Plaques
  • Glass Engraving (for example, wedding flutes or wine bottles)
  • Intricate woodworking designs for dollhouses and models
  • Holiday decorations
  • Barcoding and parts identification
  • Photo album and journal covers
  • Personalized anything!

Getting Started In Your Laser Engraving/Cutting Business

Before you go out and spend thousands of dollars on your laser engraving and cutting equipment, first decide what types of products you’ll offer. The products and materials you choose will help you decide what type of equipment to purchase. To help you get started in this business, you may want to focus initially on a niche product rather than trying to engrave or cut everything.

Starting small doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll make less money. On the contrary, with some market research you may find a highly profitable niche. Focusing your efforts here will not only help you hone your skills, a smaller menu of services will also help you more easily develop and refine your laser engraving business processes.

With your list of products and services in hand, the next step will be to acquire the necessary equipment. There are several startup kits available for less than $10,000. But before you go and buy the cheapest product you find, make sure to speak with a qualified product representative who can help you decide the best equipment for your business needs. This is where your market analysis and business plan will come in handy.

Just like the time you’ve spent analyzing your market, you should also spend time evaluating laser engraving equipment vendors. These machines will be the heart of your business. Make sure you pick a provider that offers a quality product backed up by superior customer service. Even if you need to pay a little more, quality counts here.

Growing Your Business

Ok…so you’ve started your laser engraving business and have a couple of profitable jobs. Now what. The simple answer is keep doing what you’re doing! Use the same process for finding additional work that you used to find your first clients. Continue to build up your client base – the more customers you have, the greater word-of-mouth exposure you’ll get and the greater chance of repeat orders.

If you’re stuck for product or service ideas, check out the websites from the popular equipment manufacturers. They often showcase customer success stories with their products. These articles can help you find additional products to offer based on the success of others.

All jobs are good in this business. Big industrial jobs are better (assuming you have the right equipment). As you build your business, work hard to establish long-term relationships with larger clients who need your repeat services. Dollar for dollar you’ll find that the time and energy you spend with these larger customers will pay off handsomely.

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