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Lamp Repair Business Idea

Starting a lamp repair business requires electrical know-how, a working knowledge of how lamps work, and the ability to repair them. If you are a natural at taking electrical appliances apart and putting them back together again, lamp repair may be the right business for your skills and talents.

An understanding of how lamps work is essential, but so is the aesthetics of lighting. Lamps and light fixtures often hold a prominent place in today’s decorating schemes.

Starting A Lamp Repair Business

Troubleshooting problems when a lamp doesn’t work is detective work. Not everyone can do it, which is why lamp repair services exist. Lamp repair also includes repairing surface damage to lamps. Services might include repainting or repairing scratches, cracks, or a complete restoration. Sharpen your skills until you are an expert in all facets of lamp repair.

Lamp repair is a perfect work at home business opportunity for those who are knowledgeable. Set aside a room or work area dedicated solely to your lamp repair business. Obtain a business phone line and print business cards.

Find lamp part suppliers and get to know local antique dealers so that you will have access to lamp parts when needed. Flea markets and garage sales are other sources of lamp parts.

Apply for you business license so that you can legally run your lamp repair business.

Successfully Starting a Lamp Repair Business

Becoming successful will take time, but by following some simple rules, you can increase your chances of enjoying success. These are:

  1. Serve your customers well: Customers are your bread and butter. They should be treated with respect and deference. Telephone calls should be returned as soon as possible. Go above and beyond the call of duty with each and every customer.
  2. Remember that your work is your business: Each job you do should be an excellent piece of workmanship. You may not hear about it if someone is dissatisfied with your work, but you can be sure that others will.
  3. Don’t forget to stay organized and deliver on time: Keep track of all of your appointments and commitments. If an unexpected event occurs that results in a delay, contact your customer immediately to explain.
  4. Let everyone you meet know about your business and expertise. Give each person extra business cards to hand out to people they know.

Expanding Your Repair Business

Starting a lamp repair business and making it grow involves coming up with ways to add services that could bring in more money. Some ideas include:

  • Consider the repair, cleaning, custom manufacturing, and selling of glass lamp shades. These arty lampshades have become increasingly popular and can add a strong sideline to your business.
  • Branching out from lamp repair to the repair of all types of lighting is another option. Converting oil lamps to electric lamps, the repair of recessed lighting, and home lighting repair are all services that could be added.
  • Marketing and selling your own line of lamps could turn into a profitable addition to your service business.

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