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Kitchen Rentals Business Idea

If you’ve ever seen people cooking meats on open-topped grilles in parking lots for charity, or at big outdoor events, you may have wondered how you could make money from commercial kitchen rentals.

Unless these events are a very frequent occurrence, those charity organizers and other event coordinators cannot afford to purchase or build this equipment…so they rent it which is where you can make a handsome profit!

Getting Started In Commercial Kitchen Rentals

Commercial kitchen rentals can be a profitable business. Once the equipment is capitalized, there is little additional cost.

The cooking equipment is sturdy and will offer years of trouble-free operation despite frequent use.

The servicing is minimal and any repairs are usually handled in-house and are not extensive.

As well as trailer mounted grilles and smokers, there is a plethora of other cooking equipment that can be offered by a kitchen rental operation such as gas and electric hotplates, portable ovens, steam tables, popcorn machines, microwaves, and rotisseries for whole pigs, lambs or beef roasts.

As well as cooking equipment, there are also kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets, kitchen cookware, serving tables, guest tables and chairs, plates, cups, eating utensils, and napkins to offer.

The kitchen rental business can even be expanded to catering – providing the food and drink served. This can be done as a package, or you could offer your own staff as well.

Other prospective clients for your kitchen rental and catering business are church groups, class reunions, business groups and associations, caterers, event planners and coordinators, wedding planners, shopping mall business associations, civic organizations, municipal groups like police and fire department associations, community events…the list is endless.

Making Yourself Successful

In starting your commercial kitchen rental business you can start with specific types of cooking equipment such as grilles, smokers and barbeques. You can then expand into other types as your business grows and you determine the need for steamers, steam tables, ovens and the like. The serving equipment will remain pretty much the same regardless of the type of cooking being done.

As a caterer, you can specialize. You might develop a reputation for your hickory-smoked brisket, grilled baby back ribs, or regional specialties.

In Santa Maria, California, for example, local cookery businesses often feature a "Santa Maria-Style Barbeque." This is a large beef roast with the tip of the sirloin which is rolled and rubbed with a spicy mixture then seared over a fire of seasoned red oak wood.

After searing, the grilled is raised and the roast slow-cooked for several hours. The results are delicious, and are often served with local vegetable fare and the ubiquitous barbequed beans. You will choose your own specialty depending upon your location this is just one example of how to gain success in commercial kitchen rentals.

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