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Kids Magazine Business Idea

If you’re thinking about starting your own business and you enjoy writing children’s stories, you may be interested in learning about how to start a kids magazine. This opportunity could provide you with a creative outlet in addition to a profitable business venture. With a little time and effort, you might even start a specialty publication that is distributed worldwide.

When deciding how to start a kids magazine, think about your staffing requirements. A profitable magazine requires much more than good writing skills. Decide whether you will write all of the material or if you would like some help.

While you may want to maintain creative control, writing all of the magazine content while also trying to manage the day-to-day operations of your publishing business would soon become a daunting task. Plan to hire a few people to help with editing and writing. When just starting out, try one of the many online freelance sites to find part-time writers to help you write interesting articles.

If you include advertising material to help defray the cost of the magazine, you’ll need to identify and contact companies with a customer base that matches your readers’ demographics. This can be a time-consuming task; consider hiring someone to handle this detail for you as well as marketing your magazine. You’ll also need help with accounting, human resources, and publication.

How To Start A Kids Magazine – Distribution

Printing and distribution is another concern when you consider how to start a kids magazine. Before printing the first page, you will need to design the layout of the magazine from cover design to font size. The physical printing can be done on typical computer equipment if you are going to begin on a small scale, but you should consider using a professional printing service for anything more than a hundred copies.

In addition to the improved quality of the print, a professionally-printed magazine will have the advantage of better paper and bindings. Distribution can be tricky. You could create your own mailing labels and mail each copy yourself, or you could use a third-party mailing service to do this for you.

If you would like for your magazine to be sold in stores, you will have to contact the corporate offices of each retail outlet and sell them on your product. With all of the moving pieces to manage a magazine, tt would be well worth the cost to find one company that could print, mail, and distribute your magazine.

Some people choose to bypass printing and distribution by creating an online magazine. If this is your plan, you may be able to dramatically cut back on personnel and other costs. However, you must plan on offering your material for free to your intended audience and financing your efforts through online advertisements.

Today’s children are computer savvy and will expect state-of-the-art graphics and frequently updated materials, or they will move on to the next site. Find a reliable web service to host your site to provide your online magazine with plenty of bandwidth and minimize outages.

What Kind Of Training Do You Need?

While it may not take any special training to write feature stories if you have a natural talent, running a magazine requires good business management skills. If you don’t have any prior experience, a few classes to fill in your knowledge gap are highly suggested. A business license is required as well as registering your trade name and acquiring a tax id number.

As with all business enterprises, make sure that you purchase adequate general liability insurance coverage and a workman’s compensation policy if you plan to hire employees.

Finding Customers And Growing Your Business

Finding customers can be a little tricky with a new magazine. To find local customers for a kids magazine, drop off free copies at local doctor’s offices, schools, daycares, and toy stores.

Online advertising is probably the most cost-effective route for finding readers on a national level. While it may cost more than online advertising, you can also have subscription inserts added to other children’s magazines. Be prepared to offer a substantial discount for annual subscriptions and to point out your magazine’s signature feature that sets it apart when compared to other children’s magazines.

Once your kids magazine is a success, you may want to expand your business. You could add additional publications that are targeted to children, but from a different angle. Choose another area that is more educational or more creative. You may want to target girls, boys, or teens specifically.

Another option would be to create a magazine that is geared more towards parents or young adults. If you would like to try something a little different, you could produce children’s books, posters, games, or videos.

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