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Jewelry Instruction Business Idea

If you think that earning a living while putting your natural creativity to work is impossible, think again. The fact is, there are thousands of opportunities out there for making money while pushing your creativity and skill to the max. Starting a jewelry instruction business is a great example.

By providing jewelry instruction and jewelry-making classes, you not only get to be artistic – you get to help people create accessories that will make them look good and feel great, too. There’s more to starting a jewelry instruction business than buying a few beads and some string, though; learn a few important details below…

Overview Of The Jewelry Instruction Business

What does running a jewelry instruction business entail? The answer depends on what you’re hoping to accomplish. A jewelry instruction business can be as ambitious or as simple as you want it to be. You can hold lessons out of your home or you can create partnerships with various craft stores, community centers and other businesses and hold lessons there.

Before you attempt to get your business off the ground, though, you’re going to have to develop plenty of jewelry-making skills yourself. Once you’re comfortable with creating a wide range of pieces, instruction will come naturally to you and your business will hopefully take off. The best instructors are passionate about the topics they teach. Love what you do and your passion will flow through to your students.

Products And Services Provided

Lessons and classes make up the backbone of any first-rate jewelry instruction business. The best way to appeal to a broad range of prospective students is by targeting your jewelry making courses to as many different skill levels as you can. Beginners’ jewelry-making classes tend to be quite popular; from there, you can offer more advanced workshops.

Another great idea is to offer a wide variety of classes that focus on various jewelry-making specialties. One class could focus on working with Venetian glass beads, for instance. Another class could focus on making wire jewelry. Coordinating the classes you give with the marketing of jewelry-making supplies is also a smart business move. In other words, sell supplies to your students so they can continue their jewelry making craft at home.

Training, Supplies And Equipment

If you want your jewelry making business to flourish, you have to be skilled at making jewelry. Therefore, it definitely pays to take a series of lessons before setting up shop. If possible, sign up for one-on-one lessons that allow you to really immerse yourself in your craft. You really need to become a respected artisan in this business – seek out instruction accordingly.

The types of supplies and equipment that you need will depend on the kind of jewelry making classes that you plan to offer. At a minimum you’ll need a jeweler’s saw, pliers, soldering equipment, snips, sandpaper and a large selection of beads, wire, clasps and other accessories should always be kept handy. Obviously multiple sets will be needed for your classroom.

Where To Find Your Customers

One of the simplest and most effective ways to find customers for your jewelry instruction business is by advertising at your local crafts store. Strike up a relationship with the owner or manager of the establishment to see if they’re amenable to letting your advertise.

Ideally, you could form a partnership with such a business. They could sell the supplies and you could provide the instruction. Placing signs in your local community, word-of-mouth advertising and the Internet are all also viable ways of attracting customers. The best way to keep customers coming back to your jewelry making business is by providing instruction that is consistently high in quality and fun.

Expanding Your Jewelry Business

There’s no law that says that you have to limit your jewelry instruction business to classes alone. As you conduct lessons, you’ll be creating a wide range of pieces – why not sell those to earn a little more cash? You could create custom designs for regular customers, too, and charge a premium for them.

Your students are going to need supplies of their own; find a wholesale supplier and then sell directly to your students. Your students will appreciate the convenience of having a one-stop shop for all of their jewelry-making needs. Don’t forget that you can always market your finished products online – Etsy and eBay are two great places to do so.

With hard work and dedication, it’s perfectly possible to earn a nice living by starting a jewelry instruction business. Beyond skill, the most important characteristic that you need to have is passion. If you truly love what you do, your enthusiasm will be infectious. People will be drawn to your love of jewelry-making and business will hopefully boom.

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