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Jewelry Business Idea

Put your love of beautiful things to work by learning how to start a jewelry business. With a little know how and creativity, you can make and sell your own line of unique accessories.

Unlike many other crafts, initial jewelry making skills can be acquired easily, so even beginners can make beautiful jewelry right away, and in little time.

There’s room for growth too, as an artist. By acquiring more jewelry techniques and intricate skills, you can continue to offer fresh and trendy works of art.

As a business idea, jewelry making is a great one, particularly for a home-based enterprise. With only the cost of jewelry supplies and tools, you can focus most of your budget on marketing.

How To Start A Jewelry Business

Getting the Skills

If you don’t know how to bead, or you need to improve your skills, take some classes. Beading stores usually offer classes where instructors will help you make specific designs. The staff is also usually helpful when you ask for help with a particular technique. (They also like it when you buy your supplies there – but more on that later.)

Craft stores, libraries and bookstores also have tons of books and magazines on jewelry making. Online beading websites also have ideas and instructions.

As you look at them, you’ll find yourself drawn to certain types of jewelry or material.

You may enjoy beading with Swarovski crystals, or using various metals to create unique looks. You may prefer the delicacy of bead weaving or making funky designs with chunky natural stones. Whatever direction pulls you, work at perfecting your technique.

Anticipating the Trends

Because jewelry is an accessory, you’ll need to anticipate the upcoming styles so you’ll have jewelry that matches the season’s colors. Looking at fashion magazines or websites such as can give you an idea of styles and colors for the upcoming season.

When learning how to start a jewelry business, it’s just as important to keep pace with the latest styles as it is to perfect your jewelry making ability.

Getting Your Supplies

Although you can buy your supplies from craft or bead stores, it is usually much less expensive to buy them online. You can stock up on your basic bead supplies online, and just buy specific items you need immediately from your local store.

In addition to the beads and findings you’ll need for the specific design, you’ll need basic beading tools, a good workspace and good lighting. You’ll also need storage for your supplies and completed designs.

If you’re planning to sell your jewelry online (which we would strongly recommend), consider the number of jewelry combinations you sell carefully. If you have component versions to each product (for example, different chains, chain lengths, bead styles and colors), the number of products you have to sell can quickly skyrocket. Taking photographs of each of these products, writing up descriptions, and stocking can be very time consuming.

For example, a friend of mine started a guitar pick jewelry business and website. She designs and makes amazing earrings, bracelets and necklaces using chain, crystals and guitar picks. However, if she considers the different combinations of chain style, length, pick style and colors, etc., she has thousands of product combinations to manage.

While this may be okay for offline sales, managing all of these combinations online is difficult. She’s in the process of trying to simplify her online operation with the goal of still providing a wide selection of guitar pick jewelry choices while limiting the maintenance effort for her website.

Selling Your Work

Once you’ve developed a collection that highlights your skills, it’s time to sell your products. You can start by having a home show and showcasing your work in a jewelry display. Invite friends and neighbors and serve refreshments.

Sell the items you have in stock, and offer to take orders for others. Promote items that your guests can buy as presents and put them in pretty gift boxes.

Attend craft shows and set up booths at town festivals so more people can see your designs.

Wear your designs often and have your business cards ready when someone compliments you on your jewelry. Take pictures of your jewelry with a digital camera and include them on a website.

Make sure to keep good records of supplies used for each design so you can duplicate the production process more easily.

Visit boutiques and see if they will display your jewelry to sell. Teach a jewelry making class to others to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Learn how to start a jewelry business – keep creating, and your home business will soon begin to sparkle.

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