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Janitorial Business Idea

The following article will give you an overview of how to start a janitorial business. Janitorial businesses provide cleaning and other maintenance services to all types of businesses. The work can be physically demanding but the profits are good and the demand is constant.

It is also a business that can be started from your home for less than $5,000 with a first year average profit of around $40,000.

Since you will be cleaning most business in off hours without owners or employees present, most businesses will prefer providers that are privately insured and bonded. This is provided by an insurance agency and you will need to fill out a state application.

For about $100.00 annually, you can get a contractor license bond with $12,500 coverage which should be sufficient if you are planning to supervise all work.

Janitorial Equipment Needed

The equipment and janitorial supplies needed for how to start a janitorial business varies and depends on how large you want to start out and what services you want to offer. For almost all jobs you will need brooms, mops, a powerful vacuum, cleaning agents, trash bags, cleaning cloths, and gloves.

If you plan on working with hospitals or large office buildings you will also need a floor buffer and floor tile maintenance products. Whatever size business you want to begin with, keep in mind the following:

The cleaning industry consists of approximately 17,000 commercial cleaning franchises but there is plenty of room for your company. Before considering how to start a janitorial business, survey your market.

  • How many cleaning services are there and what size are they?
  • How many businesses or potential customers are in your target area?
  • What business types are being underserved?

Also, work with you local small business association for market and area research and networking.

How To Start A Janitorial Business

Keep it simple and start by isolating one particular type of business. If you plan on running an office cleaning business try to get all of your clients on similar service packages with the same materials. This will simplify your inventory and you will have the opportunity to make your cleaning process efficient. When you master a basic service start to expand slowly (or even diversify with a house cleaning business).

Control your growth. Growing too fast can be detrimental to your business. Clients who receive poor services will not only cancel service but spread the word to your potential clients. Be realistic in your capabilities and hire help as needed. Also, take the time to properly train your employees so they can adequately represent your company’s standard of service.

Working capital is an absolute necessity in any business. Clients will pay late, equipment will break, and cleaning supplies will be lost. If you don’t have at least 3 months reserve any small problem can start a financial downfall that will close your business.

When growing your business look for niche opportunities. Some cleaning services successfully expand into plant supply and maintenance, office aquariums (very popular in medical offices), outside window cleaning, etc. You may also want to consider complimentary businesses such as carpet steam cleaning, landscaping, security, parking lot painting, and duct cleaning.

Keep in touch with your clients. Give them many opportunities to rate and comment on your services. This will help you discover the services that clients value and you can adjust your service packages accordingly – flexibility and adaptability are key when learning how to start a janitorial business.

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