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Introduction Agency Business Idea

If you enjoy setting up your friends and acquaintances, you’ll love learning how to start an introduction agency. More commonly known as a dating service, and historically known as a match-maker, an introduction agency analyzes individual personalities along with likes and dislikes in an attempt to find a suitable dating partner for their client.

This could include a strictly online service or face-to-face meetings. One of the more popular trends that many introduction agencies are participating in is speed dating. In this social gathering, an equal number of men and women are allowed to meet individually for about five minutes before changing partners.

This allows them to get a quick first impression of quite a few potential partners before deciding if they would like to get to know any of the other participants better.

When you decide how to start an introduction agency, much will depend on whether you will create an online service or need space for personal meetings. An online service will basically need a robust web-site that allows people to enter information and review their matches.

Behind the scenes, a program should be used to match up their information to other clients and offer them a number of choices. Face-to-face meetings will require waiting rooms and meeting spaces. While you can start out running this type of introduction agency from your home, you will rapidly outgrow this space if your introduction agency becomes even moderately successful.

How To Start An Introduction Agency – Getting Started

While learning how to start an introduction agency doesn’t require any special training or licensing, there are some fairly serious considerations to keep in mind. Make sure that you have a way to complete background checks on your clients.

You don’t want any sexual predators or scammers to take advantage of your honest clients. In addition to ruining your reputation as a match-maker, you may be financially liable for damages. You should also be on the look out for anyone who is trying to use your service as a front for escort services. If someone slips through your safety net in this area, you could also be criminally charged.

A successful introduction agency will have a high rate of success in matching potential partners. You can measure this by keeping track of how many couples remain together for several years or finally get married. In addition to your matching program, you should also review the criteria manually when there is a failure. This will help you to refine your process and increase your matching algorithm or method accuracy.

Remember that finding someone you’re attracted to is the easy part. Staying together is hard. To increase your success rate, offer a counseling service for couples who are finding bumps in their romantic road.

How To Find Clients

When you learn how to start an introduction agency, you may wonder how you will find customers. The world is full of lonely people, but they may be too embarrassed or shy to seek out your help. Use print ads and radio advertisements to reach your target audience.

Ensure them that their business will be kept confidential and that they can arrange for private appointments if necessary. Make sure that your website is easily found through popular search engines and list it on other sites, as well. Contact local and national singles organizations and let them know about your new introduction agency.

Once you are successful, you may begin to think about expanding. You could decide to offer wedding planning services or pre- and post-marriage counseling. If you’re good at matching people with potential partners, you might consider opening an employment agency and matching employers and employees. You could also use your web-design and programming skills to create new online companies.

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