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Inflatable Bounce Business Idea

Starting an inflatable bounce business is an ideal way to supplement your current income and possibly even turn it into a full-time business. The perfect business to start part-time at home, inflatable bounce rentals are extremely popular as parents, grandparents, day care center operators, and other event planners look for ways to throw fun parties for children.

Inflatable bounces come in all shapes and sizes. From houses to water parks, there is an inflatable bounce that fits every occasion and party size. Safe and popular, renting inflatable bounces is a business that can be started part-time and grow from there.

Starting an Inflatable Bounce Business

Check first with your local licensing agencies about the quality of the equipment you will need, as well as any permits and licenses that will be required. Each state has its own set of rules and regulations, so before spending any money on an inflatable bounce, find out what those requirements entail.

After making sure you are in compliance, purchase one or more inflatable bounces. Don’t skimp on your purchases. An inflatable bounce made for home use should not be used as a rental. In fact, it is very likely illegal to use a bounce made for home use as a rental. Purchase compliant, commercial grade inflatable bounces.

You will require a vehicle to transport your inflatable. Weights vary, but an inflatable bounce may weigh up to 400 lbs. A generator is advisable so the unit can be be used where no power is available. If you choose a water park inflatable bounce, you will also need a way to have a constant supply of water.

Meet with a contract attorney and commission customer contracts to use with each rental. The contract should contain safety requirements that each client must agree to, such as requiring that an adult supervise play in the inflatable at all times.

Obtain insurance for your business. Inflatable bounces are quite safe, but accidents are bound to happen. Insurance is a necessity in order to financially protect both you and your business.

Becoming a Success

Starting an inflatable bounce business is the ideal business to start part-time. Most of your business will come on weekends during the summer months when outdoor parties are more common. Advertising during the spring months is essential to getting the word out and begin lining rental jobs up for the summer.

Create fliers with pictures of your bounce houses and paste them on bulletin boards around town. Speak with party suppliers about your business and ask them to display your advertising. Contact event planners and let them know about your services.

In the winter months, there are a variety of indoor venues that may be interested in renting an inflatable bounce. School parties and festivals, holiday parties, and other events where children are present are all possibilities.

Always remember that safety is the primary issue. Ensure that the inflatable is staked down properly before use and stored out of the elements when not in use. A safe, attractive inflatable bounce is your best advertising.

Expanding Your Bounce Business

As your rental jobs increase, starting an inflatable bounce business and making money may leave you looking for ways to expand. Purchasing additional inflatable bounce houses, castles, or water parks is one way to take on more customers and increase profits. Another would be to add other party related services or products, such as the following:

  • A clown or a magician
  • Sell party supplies
  • Sell party favors

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