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Image Consultant Business Idea

If you want to teach people how to develop a style all their own, learn how to become an image consultant.

Celebrities frequently change their images. When singer/actress Miley Cyrus (of Hannah Montana fame) wanted to project a more mature persona, she changed her hair color from blonde to dark brown.

Actress Evan Rachel Wood began sporting dramatic Goth makeup to match the style of her rocker boyfriend.

Individuals change their looks as well for a variety of reasons. New mothers often cut their long hair to get a style that’s easier to maintain. A new college graduate may trade in worn jeans and the university sweatshirt and learn how to dress for success.

An entrepreneur may spiff up his wardrobe to convey a corporate image when he meets with investors. A stay at home parent may build a professional wardrobe when returning to work.

What Image Consultants Do

An image consultant helps guide people through a transition. The image consultant may meet with the client and perhaps even the client’s supervisor and employees. The consultant will need to get a good idea of the environment the client will be working in, to determine the status quo.

The consultant will also need to get to know the client. What image does she want to project? How is that different from the one she has now? What does she usually like to wear? What does she like to do in her spare time? How much time is she willing to spend on hair and makeup?

Throughout this process, the consultant needs to develop a style solution that fits the client’s needs, budget, lifestyle and personal tastes. After doing this type of analysis, an image consultant helps the client make the transition into a new look.

An image consultant may do personal shopping to remake the wardrobe. She may also act as a beauty consultant by helping the client to find shades and types of makeup that are most flattering.

In addition to physical appearances, an image consultant can help clients with other ways they present themselves. Speech, grammar, nonverbal communication and manners are other areas where an image can be enhanced.

Image encompasses all aspects of one’s persona…image is everything when finding out how to become an image consultant.

How To Become An Image Consultant

First, find your strengths. If you’re always watching “What Not To Wear,” you may want to focus on helping people re-tool their wardrobes. If “Extreme Makeover” fascinates you, you may want to help people enhance their looks through cosmetics.

Once you’ve found your strengths, decide who needs you the most. You may carve out a niche to help recently divorced men who want to get back into the dating game and need a fresh look. You can work with cancer survivors to develop a hair and makeup look that brings them confidence. You may work with retirees who want to rejuvenate their look.

The Association of Image Consultants International ( has additional information on how to enhance your credibility as a consultant.

Give a few complementary makeovers as gifts, and get others to spread the word. Start a great home based business and learn how to become an image consultant.

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