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Hydroponics Business Idea

By learning how to start a hydroponics store, you can turn your love of plants and technology into a profitable new business venture.

Hydroponics has been increasing in popularity over the past decade as a soil-free way to grow crops for both commercial and home use. As long as the home owner has enough space, they can set up a hydroponic farm inside their own home to grow fresh herbs and vegetables all year long.

In addition to providing the latest and best products, your hydroponic store will be expected to know all of the latest information about equipment, chemicals, and trouble-shooting a faulty system.

Learn How To Start A Hydroponics Store

As you decide how to start a hydroponics store, decide on a location. As long as the area is fairly safe, you can save on rent by choosing a store-front that’s off the beaten path. Because hydroponic equipment is in demand and actual stores are rare, your customers will find you.

Make sure that your location has plenty of room in back to store your inventory including lights, containers, planting medium, pipes, pumps, and chemicals. In the front, you’ll need a cash register, display cases, and shelving.

Remember to reserve plenty of space to create several different grades of fully-functioning hydroponic systems complete with living plants to impress your customers.

What You Need To Get Started

Although no special training is required to learn how to start a hydroponics store, you should know more than just the basics. In addition to online information, training materials are offered through books, DVDs, and even real-life classrooms.

Some universities like Virginia Tech even include hydroponic classes in their agricultural programs and continue to share their latest findings with the public. You will need to know how to set up a system, which types of chemicals work best with each plant, and how much light is needed.

To operate a successful hydroponics store, you will have to provide something that the numerous online stores can’t offer. In most cases, you won’t be able to beat their prices, but you will be able to supply your customers with personal service and immediate access to the products that they need quickly.

In addition to your expert knowledge and friendly advice, your customers should be able to walk out of your store with the items that most people need in a pinch. If a pump goes bad or a light bulb blows, they will want to be able to go home with a replacement item instead of waiting for a shipment to come in.

Finding Customers

Once you learn how to start a hydroponics store, finding customers won’t be too hard. As mentioned before, people who need these items will find your store if they know it’s there.

Create your own website and run a few radio and print ads. Before you know it, word of mouth will do the rest. If you are living in a state that has legalized marijuana, you will definitely have a demand for your product.

This new legal development has meant an even higher amount of interest in hydroponics as innovative new business owners take advantage of their new cash crop.

Growing Your Hydroponics Business

At some point in the future, you may decide that you would like to expand your business. Of course, you can always open a new store, begin online sales, or add a new product line.

Other expansion opportunities include working with customers on-site to create custom-designed hydroponic systems or train others to perform this task. If you have access to a large space, you could set up your own hydroponic farm to supply organic restaurants with year-round access to local fresh produce.

As mentioned previously, if you live in a state where marijuana has been legalized, you could decide to join the growing industry of medical marijuana suppliers as an expansion idea.

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