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House Sitting Business Idea

Here’s an easy way to save and make money – find house sitting opportunities in your neighborhood or town.

When people go on trips or vacation, they may be reluctant to leave their homes unattended for fear of theft.

A home sitting business can alleviate this problem by providing a trustworthy individual to stay in (or periodically visit) their home during their absence.

If you enjoy living in a variety of locations then house sitting might be the job for you.

What a House Sitter Does

If you have accepted a position to live in the client’s house, you will take up residence as if it were your own home. You might need to mow the lawn, do gardening, forward mail, pay bills or accept deliveries.

A house sitting business can provide a great source of income because you can save on rent. Most of the duties of a house sitter do not interfere with a regular job, so you can still earn a paycheck.

What Do You Need to Start a House Sitting Business?

The beauty of this business is that there is no license or defined skill necessary to be a house sitter. You do, however, need to be trustworthy and honest. Ideally you would be bonded and licensed with your own insurance, and have no criminal record.

Good communications skills are necessary to work with your client so they feel comfortable with a stranger in their house. It’s a great idea to draft a contract with your client so you are both clear on expectations.

For example, what bills are you responsible for during your stay? Phone? Heating or electricity? Water?

How does the client feel about you having guests in the home? What about a party?

What happens if you accidentally damage your client’s property? Does your own insurance cover it?

Getting a complete understanding means there will be no unpleasant surprises (or unexpected bills) at the end of the assignment.

House Sitting Opportunities – Finding A Home

How do you find house sitting opportunities? Look in the classified ads in your local paper or for “house sitter needed.” You can also place your own ad offering your services.

Since so much of the business is based on trust, word of mouth advertising will be very beneficial to you. Get business cards made up with your name and number, and pass it out to everyone you know.

Your family, present or past teachers, neighbors and co-workers may go on vacation, or know someone who does. They are in a great position to vouch for your integrity.

You can also look at house sitting referral businesses. They will match clients with house sitters. Using these services, you can also search a wider range, even finding houses in other places of the world, so you can house sit and travel at the same time.

Augment Your Business

Another avenue that you can use either to start your business or add on to your services is with a pet sitting business. People who do go on long trips may be reluctant to leave Fido in a kennel, but obviously can’t leave him at home.

Pet sitting helps the owners feel more comfortable with someone being in their home, feeding, walking, grooming and playing with their pets.

House sitting opportunities can give you the chance to live a different life, all while making money to spend on yours.

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