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Homemade Sauces Business Idea

If you love food and cooking, you may already be halfway towards learning how to bottle and sell sauces.

Start a small business making and selling gourmet sauces today. Just look in the grocery store; the aisles teem with sauces from small businesses just like yours!

The obvious key to success in this business is that people know about, like, and are willing to pay money for your sauces.

You will need to do a lot of up front work before you begin buying the bottling equipment and the jars, however, because a home-based food prep business is subject to many rules and regulations.

Don’t despair! How to get approval to sell sauces may not be as much fun as how to bottle and sell sauces, but it is a necessity if you want to assure that your product is safe and your customers are happy.

A good place to start gathering information about starting a home-based gourmet sauces business is your state Extension Office. Extension offices are generally run by land-grant universities, and their primary goal is to provide information regarding entrepreneurship, local agriculture and life sciences.

You can try typing your state and extension office into a search engine, or you can visit the website and locate local offices utilizing their zip code search.

Your second call should be to your state Department of Health. They will be able to tell you what state and local rules, regulations and laws apply to starting a home-based food business.

Education – How To Bottle And Sell Sauces

Making your sauce fresh for a family dinner is one thing learning to make it safely for sale to the general public is another altogether. Check local vocational schools for classes on canning. Go to the library and check out books on the subject, or scour the Internet for information.

Talk to other small business owners in your area who make food products. The Small Business Administration can be a good place to start when looking for other business owners who can provide you with advice.

You should start small to preserve capital and focus on getting your products into specialty neighborhood food shops. You may want to offer to give a part of your profits back to the store or donate them to the store’s favorite charity. This act may motivate the owners to give you retail space for your products.

Look into setting up a booth at local farming markets or craft fair. Also consider using the internet as another sales channel.

Expanding Your Business

Once you know how to bottle and sell sauces, how can you expand your gourmet sauce business? If you have enough recipes, write a book about sauce recipes! People who like your sauces are probably the same people who like to experiment in their own kitchen.

Sell your recipe books on the internet or donate them to fundraising events or charity auctions. Give your recipe books to people in high visibility jobs like your hairdresser or dentist – people who will likely share your book with their other customers.

You may have to give away a lot of your books for free at first, but as long as you make sure that the information on how to buy the book is clearly visible inside, you will make additional sales.

Perhaps you will want to branch out into a specialty catering business that utilizes your gourmet sauces, too. Offer barbeque beef sandwiches made with your barbeque sauce recipe or hot sauce recipe, for example. Add a bag of chips and a can of pop and you have a great box lunch special to offer to small businesses for their lunch meetings.

Some higher-end kitchen boutiques offer in-store cooking classes. If you have a store like this nearby, try negotiating a spot to offer a sauce class of your own. You will get greater exposure and a little extra cash flow from the tuition.

Few businesses require as much up front research and preparation as a home-based food business. The rewards for finding out how to bottle and sell sauces can far outweigh the headaches, though, when your product becomes a local or even national sensation!

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