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Home Party Business Idea

Learning how to start a home party business is a great way to own a business if you don’t have a lot of time but still want to get started with your own venture. Home parties provide extra income for busy moms, full-time employees, retirees, and anyone who is looking for an enjoyable way to earn extra money.

In some cases, small business owners have gone beyond learning how to start a home party business and turned home parties into a full-time, profitable enterprise. This often involves branching out into related party planning concepts such as event planning or children’s party planning.

The home party business concept involves hosting a get-together, conducting a sales presentation about the products, and taking orders from those who attend. There is a wide array of home party product lines on the market. Popular items include cosmetics, toys, clothing, gifts, candles, soaps, cleaning products, pet products, cooking items, wines, and purses.

Getting Started With Your Home Party Business

The most important and challenging decision you make will be deciding which products to sell. Choose a line of products in which you have confidence and actually use yourself. Most companies offer consultant kits for a modest price that provide you with party instructions and materials.

Before signing up as a consultant with any company, however, carefully read and understand all of the terms of the agreement. Find out ahead of time how the company deals with returns, customer complaints, and payment methods. The agreement should clearly outline your responsibilities as a consultant.

If you do not understand any part of the agreement, do not sign it without written clarification. Compare different companies and read reviews. Stick with companies that have been around for awhile and have maintained a solid reputation.

Now that you have your products, it’s time to start planning your first party. Your inaugural party is your chance to introduce as many people as possible to the products you want to sell. Invite everyone you know and encourage them to bring friends. Plan a demonstration so that everyone can see your product in action.

Word from experience…make sure the people you invite know that the party is part-party and part-sales opportunity. It’s a real turnoff when you go to a party and find out it’s a sales pitch. On the other hand when people know it’s a sales party and still want to come, chances are they’ll buy something. Honesty is the best policy in this case.

Give out free samples. Have business cards printed up and hand them out to all attendees. This first party can give you a regular customer base, so go all out. Spend a little money on good food and beverages!

Success After Starting Your Home Party Business

Hosting parties in the homes of others will help you reach a wider customer base. Actively advertise by placing fliers on bulletin boards, passing out business cards, and leaving sales literature where people can see it.

Always have business cards and samples with you so you will be ready if a sales opportunity arises. Set up a booth at local events, such as flea markets, home shows, fairs, and business gatherings. If the company you signed with provided them, hand out product catalogs that include your contact information. Show genuine enthusiasm for your product.

The more parties you host, the better honed your sales skills become. If you have hosted one party a month, why not try two a month? The holiday shopping season is a great time to ramp up your advertising and party hosting. Holiday seasons can sneak up on all of us so make sure you get a jump start on your holiday sales and marketing planning.

In your quest for new customers, don’t forget your regular clients. Contact current customers and let them know about your latest products and sales. Make a special point of drawing their attention to items you think will interest them. It is less expensive to sell to your current customer base than it is to constantly look for new customers.

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