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Home Health Care Business Idea

If you’d like to put your caring nature to work, why not find out how to start a home health care business?

As the population ages, the health care industry has become an area of high growth. Health care workers help patients in a variety of situations including elder care.

With the high cost of hospital stays, patients often prefer to continue recovery from illness or injury at home, but they may need assistance doing so. People with chronic illnesses may need regular help with their daily living tasks.

As a home healthcare business, you can work with a variety of people who need your help to get through their day.

What You Would Do

The responsibilities of a home health provider may vary from patient to patient. You might be a companion to someone in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, keeping her company and giving the family a break from care-taking duties.

You might help a patient recovering from a stroke with personal care, such as bathing. You might help with light housekeeping, simple meal preparation or transportation to the doctor’s office.

You might help a new mom catch up on a few hours of sleep, while you watch over the newborn and older children.

Your time with patients will vary based on their needs—from a one time visit to daily, and from a few hours to the whole work day.

How To Start A Home Health Care Business – Tools Needed

While medical experience is always a plus, it is not always necessary. Some agencies look for registered nurses or certified nursing assistants, but others looking for non-medical caregivers may not require a license or degree.

They most likely however, will (and should) conduct a criminal background check.

Your most important selling points when learning how to start a home health care business will be your nurturing attitude, dependability and reliable transportation. Physical strength may also be a plus, as your patients may need help shifting positions or moving.

How to Get Started

If you want to work with an agency, find a licensed one in your area and research it. Is it licensed and bonded? Does it insist on background checks? How long has it been in business? Get references from patients or their families as well.

If you’re interested in being independent and working directly with the patient, there is more marketing work involved, but with persistence, it can be done. Relationships are important when planning how to start a home health care business.

Let your neighbors know you’re available. Many people are more comfortable leaving a loved one with someone they know, so this is a good place to start.

Go to your town’s senior center and library and put up professional looking flyers outlining your home healthcare business services.

Talk with hospitals and doctor’s offices to let them know your availability. Give them your hospice business card so they can reach you easily.

Ask your clients if they will provide a reference for you to show potential patients.

As you gain clients, you may even decide to hire your own health care staff that you can train and send out on assignments. Franchises are also available if you want to purchase a business.

Reliable health care providers are in demand. Making your services known, and then providing excellent care will lead you down the path to success.

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