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Home Gunsmith Business Idea

You love guns; like to work with your hands; you’re an entrepreneur all things you can use to make yourself a business as a home gunsmith.

As a gunsmith you can get involved in repairing guns, refinishing guns, modifying trigger stocks and barrels, mounting and aligning rifle scopes, coating and camouflaging firearms, and a variety of other modifications and upgrades.

You can also have a specialty such as vintage rifle restoration or pistol work. Some gunsmiths may focus on shotguns, while others are solely into making guns from scratch.

Whatever your interest and passion, starting a gunsmith business from home is not too difficult.

Keys To A Successful Home Gunsmith Business

The first, second, and third principles of gun handling are safety, safety, and safety. Above all, keep in mind that safety is first. Any experienced hunter or gun handler will tell you this.

Strictly abide by all local and state laws for gun storage, transfer, and commerce. In the United States you’ll need an FFL (Federal Firearms License) before you open shop. Safety is of paramount importance in this business, especially if starting as a gunsmith from home.

You will also need gunsmith tools. Obviously a full range of carpentry supplies help, but beyond this, you will need to obtain gunsmith supplies – specialized tools for the specific trade of gunsmithing. In addition to the tools, you will need a ready supply of gun parts.

If it’s not practical as a home gunsmith to keep all these in stock, you should at least know where you can obtain them when you need them.

Finally, you will also need a place to work, a solid workbench, and a room to safely store firearms and ammunition. When you have all these things, you’ll be ready to open your gunsmith shop.

Promoting Your Business

As a home gunsmith you are servicing a group of hobbyists, hunters, and home defenders. As such, you can easily gain interest in your trade by going to where these people gather. Go to shooting ranges to meet the staff and clients, attend gun and knife social meeting, advertise with the NRA, and frequent gun shops, sporting goods stores, and hunting outfitters.

At many small and locally-owned gun stores, you can also advertise on their bulletin boards. In general, just keep your name and phone number displayed in as many places as possible.

You should also look into becoming a certified gunsmith. Many trade guilds and craft associations will publish your name and number in their journals and periodical publications. Be sure to keep current with the latest trends and technologies in shooting.

Expanding Your Operations

Keep an eye on how you can expand your line of services and products. In addition to gunsmith services, carry and sell a line of new and used firearms and shooting accessories. It’s easy to obtain guns at discounted prices making it easy to go into the business of buying used guns, restoring them, and reselling them at a profit.

Many people who utilize your services will also want to buy ammunition. Consider stocking ammunition as an additional service.

As well as the now-obligatory website for online sales, try hosting classes in the evening or at weekends where you teach people how to repair guns, make alterations, and how to do refinishing jobs.

To really grow the business, build a shooting range. Make sure that you are complying with all local, state, and national laws for safety and zoning. If you are authorized to do so, you can even take your role as a home gunsmith into conducting concealed weapons classes and gun safety courses.

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