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Home Cleaning Business Idea

Here’s a great way to begin your entrepreneurial life – learn how to start a home cleaning business.

Let’s face it. People are busier than ever. Work life and other activities are taking more and more of our time.

Something has to give. For many, what gives is the cleanliness of their home. (I know it has in mine!)

Still, the cleaning needs to be done, and for many consumers, the answer is to hire a home cleaning service.

How a House Cleaning Business Works

An individual or team of workers will come to the customer’s house. The customer may be there, or may have pre-arranged a way for the cleaner to enter. The cleaner systematically cleans the house, receives payment, and leaves a fresh smelling, tidy home.

How To Start A Home Cleaning Business

With little more than a mop and a bucket, you can learn how to start a home cleaning business. However, lots of other people have mops and buckets, so in order to succeed, you’ll need a few extra things: planning and marketing.

First, stake out your territory. Is there a new development going up in your town? Start dropping business cards or flyers (make sure the spelling and grammar are flawless) in or on the mailboxes. Offer a move-in special. Have a discount for the 3rd or 4th cleaning to encourage repeat business.

While you will likely have customers spread out, it saves on gas and time to consolidate your area. Are there apartment complexes or other neighborhoods where you can market your business? Because using a home cleaning service is often considered a luxury, target neighborhoods that are more likely to have that type of disposable income.

Look also for homes for sale—they need to be kept pristine for showings, and could likely use your services. They may also use a move out cleaning. Then, of course, you can contact the new owners and suggest you continue cleaning the house.

How Will You Run Your Business?

What will you clean? Is it really worth your time to do windows? Depending on your interest, time and manpower, it may be great to offer a service that other companies may not. On the other hand, if it takes too much time to perform that service, and isn’t worth the money, it may not be worth your time.

How can you make your business stand out from the others? You will be competing against other small house cleaning businesses as well as larger cleaning franchises. Will it always be one person cleaning? Or will you have a team?

Customers sometimes feel they have to clean before the cleaning service comes. Can you be the service that alleviates that concept? Can you make your customers feel pampered by adding little hotel touches like folding the toilet tissue or putting a mint under the pillow?

Can you leave a vase of fresh flowers for first time customers? Special touches are easy but often overlooked when learning how to start a home cleaning business.

Customers are understandably wary about having a stranger come into their home. Can you alleviate that concern by being bonded and insured? Can you offer local references?

One decision that has financial impact is who provides the cleaning supplies—you or the homeowner? It may vary in your area, so determine which you prefer and set your prices accordingly.

This is another area where you can specialize by providing a “green” cleaning environment by using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Good planning, marketing and attention to detail will help you wash away the competition, one house at a time.

Learn how to start a home cleaning business today!

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