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Home Based Business Ideas

Are you looking for work from home business ideas to help you start a home business of your own?

Maybe you’re tired of a long commute every day, and wish you could start a home business and work at home. Or maybe you’re a stay at home parent, and would like to make money at home, but need a flexible schedule.

While there is a whole slew of information on how to start your home business, the first question to answer is what type of home business will you start? Believe it or not, answering this seemingly simple question will likely be the hardest part of getting started in your own home business.

While secondary to your home business idea, you’ll also need to give some thought about how to set up your home office. Most home businesses are short on space yet long on ambition so you’ll need to plan accordingly.

Start A Home Business – What’s Your Personality?

What’s your personality? Do you like to be around lots of people, or do you prefer being by yourself?

When you work from home, it’s generally a solitary endeavor, so if you’re the more social type, you’ll need to find home business ideas that allow you to frequently interact with others. Wedding singers, party planners or event organizers, as examples, have a high degree of interaction with a variety of people yet still can be viable work from home business ideas.

Writers, proofreaders, and researchers have a medium degree, while craft businesses may be more solitary. Chances are, you’ll be working many hours on your business, so finding work from home business ideas that are compatible with your personality is important.

Are you organized? Highly motivated? Do you love deadlines or hate them? All jobs will have deadlines, of course, but some are drop dead (such as a wedding planner making sure the cake arrives in time for the reception) and others are more flexible. If you’re more of a Type B personality, your business (and your clients) should match.

Work From Home Business Ideas – Skills Required

What skills do you have that can you can use in your business? You may have an accounting background or are good at personal finance and credit repair, or have a degree in English. Maybe you wrote the family newsletter for the last several years, or coordinated the neighborhood yard sale. Perhaps you’ve taught your child to read, or been a teacher’s helper.

Figure out what skills you have that can be transferred to your business. Think fundamentals: writing, organizing, leading, technical skills, creativity. What have you done in the past that you really enjoyed? How can you use that now to start a home business and make money from home?

For example, are you the type of person that loves to clean the house (yes, believe it or not, some people do!)? If so, ideas like a blind cleaning business may be perfect.


What time do you have to devote to this business? Are you available only during business hours, or weekends and evenings as well? Some jobs have more flexibility than others. Tutors, for example, need to be available when students are not in school, i.e. evenings, weekends and holidays. Private investigators have flexibility but can often work strange hours.

Medical billing professionals, however, need to be available during weekdays so they can reach insurance and doctors’ offices. How does your flexibility match the needs of the business?


One of the advantages of work from home business ideas is that the financial investment is usually less than if you were to open an office. Still, every business will require some type of investment, typically time or money. When you start a home business, how much money do you want to put into the business?

Do you need additional training to become certified in your business (such as a financial advisor or bounty hunter), or are there organizations you must pay to join to establish credibility?

In addition to any professional preparation costs, you’ll also need to budget for your home office setup. While it may be okay to work at the kitchen table for a short period of time, designing and investing in a proper office setup is important. You’ll need to plan and budget for home office furniture (desks, chairs, bookcases, etc), decorations, storage products, and other office equipment.

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