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Holiday Decorator Business Idea

Having a happy holiday is at the heart of a holiday decorator business.

You enjoy the work, you get to decorate over and over again, and your customers receive a gift of art from your decorating efforts.

It’s a win-win business, and easy to start up.

Begin work from home, and as your company grows, expand to a storefront or warehouse space.

Jobs will grow in size as your company expands and you add employees and equipment.

Tips And Tricks – Holiday Decorator

There are a couple of items you will want to line up before you begin decorating for others:

1. Set up your business with a plan for success. Calculate expected expenses versus income.

2. Figure in advance what you will need in the way of supplies; find suppliers for holiday decorations, and holiday ornaments.

3. Set up your bookkeeping model, and keep careful records for tax reporting.

4. Decide how you will advertise your business, and how much money you want to allocate for that part of your expenses.

5. Call your insurance agent and set up a meeting to purchase general business liability insurance. After all, you will be working in other people’s homes and at businesses. It is important to cover any possible damages to their property or your own.

6. Decide if you need large equipment such as ladders, and if you can work with using your car, or need a van or truck to do these jobs. Will you need storage space?

7. Are you doing exterior as well as interior decorating?

8. Will you need employees to help? Find out the rules for employee coverage, insurance, and so forth.

Expanding And Costs

Holidays happen year round, not just at the end of the calendar year. Christmas decorations are sold year round, but you can watch and plan to pick up bargains throughout the year for other holidays.

You can turn your skills into a profitable business helping residential and corporate customers plan and implement holiday decoration projects. By knowing your own estimated costs, you will be better able to fit decoration plans into your client’s budget.

You will want to take plenty of photographs of your work for a portfolio to show to potential clients. Have some signage and business cards for onsite advertising if allowed, and for networking purposes anywhere you go.

Once you are established, and known in the community, offer decorating classes. Work with local nurseries, florists and party stores. Ask them for referrals; even offer a fee for sales that materialize from their tips. Donation work is another way to become known around town.

You can expand your business by making your own creations, or get into other related areas such as baking holiday treats. You may need to get sewing machines and hire help for this. Holiday party and event planning is another natural link from your holiday decorator business. You can have a lot of fun and make money with this, working with corporate or private clients.

Running a holiday decorator business is exciting, artistic, and fun. And, it really is not seasonal. You can do this year round, for holidays, plus special events that occur anytime. The holiday decorator makes it happen!

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